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(Plinius, Volume 31)

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Verbale dell'Assemblea Generale dei Soci - Pavia, 25 gingno 2004 9
Societa Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio consuntivo al
31/12/2003 13
Relazione dei Revisori dei Conti sul bilancio 2003 15

Societa Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio preventive
2005 16
Ricordo di Bruno Turi 17
Ricordo di Giorgio Ferrara 19
Ricordo di Raffaella Ruffini 22
Assegnazione premi 26
ANDRESINI A.: Environment of recent and present sedimentation of
Lesina Lake 33
ARICO P.: Arc-tholeiite, intraplate alkaline magmatism and skarns in
the high-grade metamorphic terraines of the Larderia area
(Messina), Peloritani Mountains 39
ARLETTI R.: The ancient Roman glass: an archaeometrical investigation
BELLEZZA M.: Crystal-chemical study of Zr,Ti,Nb,REE-disilicates with
general formula M16(SiO7)4(O,OH,F)8, belonging to the
cuspidine, götzenite-rosenbuschite-seidozerite and rinkite
families 51
BOSCHETTI T.: Geochemical and isotope-geochemical study of
compositionally extreme and thermal waters from Northern
Apennines (Italy) 54
BUCCA L.: Characterizing pyroclastic
fall deposits of some Vesuvius eruptions to define their load
hazard 59
CAPRILLI E.: Micas and chlorites: crystal-chemical implications 65
CHIARANTINI L.: Multi tracer approach to the archaeometallurgical
study of ancient mining and metalworking sites in southern
Tuscany 71
CROTTINI I.: Carbonates, hydrates and C-O-H fluids in mafic eclogites:
an experimental study
DEZZA E.: Geochemical characterization of a polluted site: the
sediments of the canals of Ferrara, in particular the Canale
Guadora 79
DI CARLO I.: Experimental simulation of pre-eruptive conditions of
"yellow pumice" - Stromboli 84
DI FIGLIA M.G.: Chemical weathering on volcanics of the Pantelleria
island: information from soil-profile and soil solution
investigation 89
Dl RENZO V.: Definition of the Vesuvius magmatic system by isotopic
investigations and thermal modefing 96
EMIL1ANI C.: Alloys of historical and artistic interest and their
natural and artificial patinas: a characterisation by means of
spectroscopic and diffraction methods 102
FACCINI B.: Relationships between metasomatism and amphibole genesis
in mantle xenoliths 1 07
FAZIO E.: Geological and structural mapping of metapelitic units of
the southern sector of the Aspromonte Massif: petrographic
features and geothermobarometric implications 112
GIOLITO C.: Geochemical evolution of the crustal fluids in the
hydrothermal system of Mt. Amiata (Central Italy) 119
IACONO MARZIANO G.: Equilibrium and disequilibrium degassing of a
phonolitic melt simulated by decompression experiments 124
LAIOLO M.: Petrological and geochemical features of mafic and
ultramafic xenoliths of Stromboli and Mt. Vesuvius: new
insights on the nature and the genesis of the associated
magmas 130
LORRAI M.: Uranium hydrogeochemistry in the area of Sarrala (Eastern
Sardinia, Italy) 136
MICHELETTI F.: Neo-Proterozoic - Cambrian acidic magmatism in
Calabria: petrochemical and geochronological study on the
augen gneisses 142
MIRIELLO D.: Petrographical, mineralogical and geochemical study of
stony natural and artificial materials of the Svevian castle
of Rocca Imperiale (CS): characterization and provenance 147
MONTAGNA P.: Petrographic, geochemical and isotopic analysis in live
and fossil coral skeletons and speleothems for paleoclimate
reconstructions and environmental monitoring in the
Mediterranean region 152
NEMETH P.: Characterization of new mineral phases belonging to the
heterophyllosilicate series 157
NICEFORO G.: Stratigraphy and composition of the volcanic sequence
outcropping along the northern wall of the Valle del Bove
(Etna) 163
NISI B.: Geochemistry and environmental isotopes in running waters
from the Arno River Valley (Tuscany, Italy): natural and
anthropic contributions 169
ORTOLANO G.: Geological-structural field investigation and
tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Central-Southern
Aspromonte crystalline basement 174
PAPPALARDO A.: Mineralogical and geochemical analyses of pelitic rocks
of the Sicilide complex in the Northern-Central Sicily 181
PATERNOSTER M.: Mt. Vulture Volcano (Italy): a geochemical
contribution to the origin of fluids and to a better
definition of its geodynamic setting 186
PELLEGRINI M.: Multi-proxy biogeochemical approach to
paleoenvironmental reconstructions: the use of stable and
radiogenic isotopes in skeletal fossil remain 191
PLlNIUA n. 31, 2()05
PINTO D.: Mineralogy, crystal chemistry and structures of sulfosalts
from Vulcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy): Ag-free lillianite,
Cl-bearing galenobismutite, kirkiite and the new mineral
vorreite 197
POMPILIO L.: Reflectance spectroscopy (VNIR) of igneous rocks:
characterisation of the Bjerkreim-Sokndal cumulates 203
RENNA M.R.: Petrology and LA-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon geochronology of the
Porto complex (Western Corsica) 210
RIGANO A.: Petrographic, physical and technical features of Etnean and
Iblean volcanic rocks in relation to their behavior in use 214
ROCCA D.P.: High-resolution geochemical records from Late Quaternary
Mediterranean sediments: palaeoclimatic and palaeoceanographic
reconstruction of the sapropel S1 218
ROSSET A.: Widespread Middle Proterozoic tholeiitic magmatism of the
Sao Francisco craton (Brazil): petrology, geochemistry and
geotectonic settings 225
SCHIAVO M.A.: Hydrogeochemical investigation of SGD and groundwater of
Southeastern Sicily 230
TASSI F.: Natural fluctuation of sulphur species in volcanic fumaroles
and composition of light hydrocarbons in gas discharges from
volcanic and geothermal systems 237
TRIPODO M.: Alkaline magmas of Mount Etna and Ustica Island: character
sources investigation 242
VITALONI M.: White Apuan marbles: study on relationships between
microstructures and thermal weathering effects 247
BIANCHINI G.: Borsa SIMP 2003 per un soggiorno di studio all'estero:
relazione 253 sull'attivita svolta