Studies in lower vertebrate palaeontology in honour of Jürgen Boy

Herrn Prof. Dr. Jürgen Boy zum 65. Geburtstag gewidmet

Ed.: R.R. Schoch; J. Müller; M. Fastnacht

2004. 248 pages, 59 figures, 8 tables, 16x23cm, 550 g
Language: English

(Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, Band 232 Heft 2)

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Schoch, R. R. & Müller, J.: Jürgen Boy from a developmental
perspective (With 5 figures) . 153 ­155
Carrol , R.: The importance of branchiosaurs in determining the
ancestry of the modern amphibian orders. (With 7 figures) 157­180
Dietze, K.: Description of the Late Cretaceous teleost Dactylopogon
grandis VON DER MARCK (Westphalia, Germany). (With 3 figures) 181­194
Fastnacht, M.: An intriguing temnospondyl skeleton from the Lower
Triassic of Germany. (With 8 figures and 1 table) 195 ­213
Maus, M. & Wuttke, M.: The ontogenetic development of Pelobates cf.
decheni tadpoles from the Upper Oligocene of Enspel (Westerwald/
Germany). (With 5 figures and 3 tables) 215­ 230
Milner, A. R. & Schoch, R. R.: The latest metoposaurid amphibians from
Europe. (With 4 figures) . 231­252
Müller, J.: Cranial osteology of Dracaenosaurus croizeti, a lacertid
lizard from the Oligocene of France (Reptilia, Squamata). (With 3
figures). 253 ­266
Novikov, I. V. & Sues, H.-D.: Cranial osteology of Kapes
(Parareptilia: Procolophonidae) from the Lower Triassic of Orenburg
Province, Russia. (With 3 figures) 267­ 281
Poschmann, M. & Schindler, Th.: Sitters and Grügelborn, two im-
portant Fossil-Lagerstaetten in the Rotliegend (?Late Carboniferous ­
Early Permian) of the Saar-Nahe Basin (SW-Germany), with the
description of a new palaeoniscoid (Osteichthyes,
Actinopterygii). (With 7 figures and 2 tables) . 283 ­314
Schoch, R. R. & Hampe, O.: An eryopid-like temnospondyl from the Lower
Rotliegend Meisenheim Formation of the Saar-Nahe Basin. (With 1
figure) 315 ­ 323
Schultze, H.-P. & Soler-Gijón, R.: A xenacanth clasper from the
?uppermost Carboniferous ­ Lower Permian of Buxières-les-Mines (Massif
Central, France) and the palaeoecology of the European
Permo-Carboniferous basins. (With 4 figures and 2 tables) . 325­ 363
Werneburg, R.: First record of postcranial lateral lines in fossil
amphibians (Branchiosauridae; Rotliegend, Upper Carboniferous ­ Lower
Permian). (With 5 figures) 365 ­ 373
Witzmann, F.: The external gills of Palaeozoic amphibians. (With 4
figures) . 375 ­ 401