Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen Band 242 Heft 2-3

2007. 238 pages, 16x24cm, 520 g
Language: English

(Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, Band 242 Heft 2-3)

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Ibrahim, K. M., Shaw, J., Baker, J., Khoury, H., Rabba’, I. &
Tarawneh, K. : Pliocene-Pleistocene volcanism in northwestern Arabian
plate (Jordan): I. Geology and geochemistry of the Asfar Volcanic Group.
(With 11 figures and 5 tables) 145-170
Barrón, E., Lassaletta, L. & Alcalde-Oilivares, C.: Changes in the
Early Miocene palynoflora and vegetation in the east of the Rubielos de Mora
Basin (SE Iberian Ranges, Spain). (With 12 figures and 2 tables) 171-204
Thulborn, R. A.: Theropod dinosaurs, progenesis and birds: homology of
digits in the manus. 205-241
Bohaty, J. : Camerate Crinoiden aus dem Givetium (Mittel-Devon) der Bergisch
Gladbach-Paffrather Mulde (Bergisches Land, rechtsrheinisches Schiefergebirge).
[Camerate crinoids from the Givetian (Middle Devonian) of the
Bergisch Gladbach-Paffrath Syncline (Bergisches Land, Rhenish Slate Massif,
westernmost Germany).] (Mit 5 Abbildungen und 2 Tabellen) 243-260
Bohaty, J. : A new Middle Devonian Hexacrinites (Crinoidea, Camerata)
from the Gerolstein Syncline (Eifel Hills, Germany). (With 6 figures and
2 tables). 261-274
Becker, G. & Braun, W. K.: Superfamily Primitiopsoidea SWARTZ, 1936,
cont. - Histio-velar features in Mid-Palaeozoic representatives. ``Hybrid''
primitiopsids. (With 1 figure). 275-287
Medina, F. A. & Riccardi, A. C.: Desmoceratidae and Silesitidae
(Ammonitida) from the Aptian - Albian of Antarctica. (With 7 figures). 289-327
Akawy, A.: Damage zone characteristics of outcrop-scale NW-striking faults
and their relation to the Red Sea rifting, Duwi area, Egypt. (With 9 figures
and 1 table). 329-355
Carnevale, G., Marsili, S., Caputo, D. & Egisti, L.: The Silky Shark,
Carcharhinus falciformis (BIBRON, 1841), in the Pliocene of Cava Serredi
(Fine Basin, Italy). (With 3 figures). 357-370
Reif, W.-E.: Problematic issues of cladistics: 22. HENNIG’s understanding of
phylogenetic trees. (With 2 figures). 371-383