Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Monatshefte Jg. 2004 Heft 02

2004. 63 pages, 15x23cm, 170 g
Language: English

(Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Monatshefte, Jg. 2004 Heft 02)

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Simunek, Z.: New findings of Neuropteris cordata BRONGNIART with
cuticles from the Stephanian of the Intrasudetic Basin (Czech
Republic). (With 19 figures and 1 table) 65
Matthias, A. & Car penter, K.: Experimental fossil and glass bead
collected by the harvester ant. (With 2 figures and 1 table) 80
Hauschke, N., Wilde, V. & Brauckmann, C.: Triassic limulids from
Madagascar ­ missing links in the distribution of Mesozoic Limulacea.
(With 3 figures) 87
Geraads, D., Kaya, T. & Tuna, V.: A skull of Machairodus giganteus
(Felidae, Mammalia) from the Late Miocene of Turkey. (With 4 figures)
Kvacek, Z.: A noteworthy cycad, Ceratozamia hofmannii ETTINGSHAUSEN
1887, from the Lower Miocene of Austria re-examined. (With 5 figures)
Varol, O.: Salisia n. g. ­ a new Pliocene-Pleistocene coccolith
genus. (With 1 figures) 119