Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Monatshefte Jg. 2004 Heft 06

2004. 63 pages, 15x23cm, 170 g
Language: English

(Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Monatshefte, Jg. 2004 Heft 06)

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Moghaddam, H. V. & Torabi, H.: Biofacies and sequence stratigraphy
of the Oligocene succession, Central Basin, Iran. (With 5 figures) 321
Conway, K. W., Bar rie, J. V. & Krautter, M.: Modern siliceous sponge
reefs in a turbid, siliciclastic setting: Fraser River delta, British Columbia,
Canada. (With 5 figures) 335
Renesto, S., Pareo, M. & Lombardo, C.: A new specimen of the
sauropterygian reptile Lariosaurus from the Kalkschieferzone (Uppermost
Ladinian) of Valceresio (Varese, N Italy). (With 8 figures and 3 tables) 351
Maisch, M. W. & Matzke, A. T.: Observations on Triassic ichthyosaurs.
Part XIII: New data on the cranial osteology of Cymbospondylus
petrinus (LEIDY, 1868) from the Middle Triassic Prida Formation of
Nevada. (With 2 figures) 370