Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Monatshefte Jg. 2006 Heft 03

2006. 63 pages, 15x23cm, 170 g
Language: English

(Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Monatshefte, Jg. 2006 Heft 03)

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Boukhary, M., El Safori, Y.A., Decrouez, D. & Faris, M.M.:
Bio- and isotope stratigraphy of the Lower/Middle Eocene section at Gebel
Hafitz area, United Arab Emirates. (With 7 figures) 129
Chen Jinhua, Stiller, F. & Komatsu, T.: Protostrea from the Middle
Triassic of southern China, the earliest dimyoid bivalve? (With 7
figures) 148
Candela, A. & Nasif, N.L.: Systematics and biogeographic significance
of Drytomomys typicus (Scalabrini in Ameghino, 1889) nov. comb., a
Miocene Dinomyidae (Rodentia, Hystricognathi) from Northeast of
Argentina. (With 4 figures and 1 table) 165
Matyszkiewicz, J., Krajewski, M. & Zaba, J.: Structural control on
the distribution of Upper Jurassic carbonate buildups in the Kraków-Wielún
Upland (south Poland). (With 2 figures) 182