Fifth International Cretaceous Symposium, Freiberg 1996

Ed.: F. Horna; K.-A. Tröger; S. Voigt

1998. VIII, 396 pages, 110 figures, 15 tables, 21 plates, 15x23cm, 740 g
Language: English

(Zentralblatt für Geologie und Paläontologie, Teil I, Jg. 1996 Heft 11/12)

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Editors' Preface VII
Biostratigraphy and Correlation
AVRAM, E. & MELINTE, M. C.: Barremian-Aptian boundary in the
Dambovicioara area (Rumanian Carpathians). (With 3 plates and
4 figures in the text) 1117
BARABOSHKIN, E. Y.: The new data on the Aptian zonation in the
Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk) region, Russian Platform. (With 3 plates,
2 figures and 1 table in the text) 1131
BENIAMOVSKII, V. N. & KOPAEVICH, L. F.: Benthic foraminiferid
zonation in the Late Santonian - Maastrichtian of the European
palaeobiogeographical area (EPA). (With 4 figures in the text) 1149
BODROGI, I.: Deep sea elastic deposits from SW Hungary (Bóly B-1
borehole, Upper Albian-Lower Cenomanian). (With 1 plate, 4
figures and 1 table in the text) 1163
M.: Upper Cretaceous of the Bakony Mts. (Hungary): sedimentology,
biostratigraphy, correlation. (With 2 plates and 4 figures in the
text) 1179
KOCH, R., BUSER, S. & BUCUR, 1. 1.: Biostratigraphy and facies
development of Mid- to Late Cretaceous strata from the N anos
mountain (Western Slovenia, High Karst). (With 3 plates and 5
figures in the text) 1195
PAVLISHINA, P. & MINEV, V.: Turonian and Coniacian Normapolles
from southwest to northeast Bulgaria and their calibration against
the standard ammonite zones. (With 3 figures in the text) 1217
Sea Level Changes
NAIDIN, D. P. & VOLKOV, YU. V.: Eustasy and Late Cretaceous
seas of the East-European Platform. (With 4 figures in the text) 1225
YOUNG, K.: Highstands of Cretaceous sea level and the dispersion
of exotic species of ammonites. (With 3 plates and 2 figures in
the text) 1233
Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Sedimentology
HILBRECHT, H.: Late Cretaceous carbon isotope stratigraphy: potential
contribution of carbonate dissolution and taxonomic effects. (With 2
figures in the text) 1245

MAGNUS, M. & GÖTZE, J.: Mineral composition of Lower Turonian
sandstones of the Elbe zone (Germany): evidence from combined CL and
image analysis. (With 4 figures in the text) 1255
REHFELD, U., NIEBUHR, B. & ERNST, G.: Sedimentology, geochemistry and
faunal distribution triggered by orbital forcing in an Upper Campanian
marl-limestone succession of N-Germany (Misburg/Hannover, Lower Saxony
Basin). (With 2 plates, 11 figures First and 2 tables in the text) 1263
ZIMMERLE, W.: Petrology and lateral facies changes in Mid-Cretaceous
claystones and marlstones of Saxony, Germany. (With 8 figures and 2
tables in the text) 1293
Palaeogeography, Palaeobiogeography, Palaeotectonics V
HERNGREEN, G. F. W.: Cretaceous sporomorph provinces and events
in the equatorial region. (With 1 figure and 1 table in the text) 1313
KOUTSOUKOS, E. A. M.: Upper Cretaceous palaeogeography of the Sergipe
Basin, NE Brazil: area of the Divina Pastora and Mosqueiro Lows. (With
6 figures in the text) 1325

MARINOV, V. A.: The distribution of rotaliids (Foraminifera) in the
Cretaceous and Paleogene of the Yamal Peninsula. (With 4 figures in
the text) 1339

MORTIMORE, R., WOOD, C., POMEROL, B. & ERNST, G.: Dating the phases of
the Subhercynian tectonic epoch: Late Cretaceous tectonics and
eustatics in the Cretaceous basins of northern Germany compared with
the Anglo-Paris Basin. (With 12 figures 1 and 3 tables in the text)

SIMEONI, M. & MUSACCHIO, E. A.: Cretaceous calcareous microfossils
from southern South America: palaeobiogeographic relationships. (With
3 plates, 2 figures and 3 tables in the text) 1403
VASICEK, Z. & FAUPL, P.: Late Valanginian cephalopods in relation
to the palaeogeographic position of the Rossfeld and Schrambach
Formation of the Reichraming Nappe (Northern Calcareous Alps,
Upper Austria). (With 1 plate, 4 figures and 1 table in the text) 1421
Palaeoceanography (Modelling)
DeCONTO, R. M., HAY, W. W. & BERGENGREN, J. C.: Modeling
Late Cretaceous climate and vegetation. (With 3 figures in the text) 1433
HAY, W. W., WOLD, C. N. & DeCONTO, R. M.: The role of salinity
in circulation of the Cretaceous ocean. (With 3 figures and 1
table in the text) 1445
BOYD, A.: Macroleaf biostratigraphy of the Early Cretaceous beds
in West Greenland. (With 6 figures in the text) 1455
M. M. M.: Late Cretaceous echinoderm assemblages from the southeast
Netherlands and northeast Belgium. (With 2 figures in the text) 1469
LÖSER, H.: Cretaceous corals - state of knowledge and current
research. (With 2 figures in the text) 1475
KÖHLER, S. & SPAETH, CH.: The first belemnite record from Early
Cenomanian conglomerate of Meissen (Saxony). (With 1 figure
in the text) 1487
First Results of the Inoceramid Workshop
TRÖGER, K.-A.: Remarks concerning morphometric parameters,
biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography of Turonian inoceramids
(Bivalvia) in Europe. (With 5 figures in the text) 1489
WALASZCZYK, I. & PERYT, D.: Inoceramid-foraminiferal biostratigraphy
of the Turonian through Santonian deposits of the Middle Vistula
Section, Central Poland. (With 6 figures in the text) 1501
List of contributors 1515