Palaeontologische Zeitschrift Band 75 Heft 1

2001. 610 g
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(Palaeontologische Zeitschrift, Band 75 Heft 1)

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BRINKMANN, W.: Bernard Krebs -- Nachruf 1

NEUMANN, C. & HESS, H.: Coulonia Paraja n. sp., a new species of
Astropectinidae (Asteroidea; Echinodermata) from the Santonian (Upper
Cretaceous) of Sierra de Montsech (southern Pyrenees, Spain) 7
HÖGSTROM, A.E.S. & TAYLOR, W.L.: Lepidocoleus cf. ulrichi
(Machaeridia) from the Trenton Group (Ordovician) of Ontario (Canada) 13
DONOVAN, S.K. & DRAPER, G.: Further fossil cephalopods from Jamaica 17

FASTNACHT, M.: First record of Coloborhynchus (Pterosauria) from the
Santana Formation (Lower Cretaceous) of the Chapada do Araripe, Brazil 23
BUDD, G.E.: HÖGSTRÖM, A.E.S. & GOGIN, I.: A myriapod-like arthropod
from the Upper Cambrian of East Siberia 37
BRAUN, A.: Ein phosphatisierter Süßwasser-Schwamm aus dem Tertiär von
Rott (Siebengebirge, Rheinland) 43
SCHATZ, W.: Taxonomic significance of biometric characters and the
consequences for classification and biostratigraphy, exemplified
through moussoneliform daonellas (Daonella, Bivalvia; Triassic) 51
SCHLIRF, M.; UCHMAN, A. & KUMMEL, M.: Upper Triassic (Keuper)
non-marine trace fossils from the Haßberge area (Franconia,
south-eastern Germany) 71
HUNGERBÜHLER, A.: The status and phylogenetic relationships of
"Zanclodon" arenaceus: the earliest known phytosaur? 97
DAUPHIN, Y.: Nanostructures de la nacre des tests de cephalopodes actuels 113
KRÖGER, B.: Discussion - Comments on EBEL'S benthic-crawler hypothesis
for ammonoids and extinct nautiloids 123
KOENIGSWALD, W. & MORS T.: The enamel microstructure of Anchitheriomys
(Rodentia, Mammalia) in comparison with that of other beavers and of