Palaeontologische Zeitschrift Band 76 Heft 2

2002. 220 pages, 21x30cm, 920 g
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(Palaeontologische Zeitschrift, Band 76 Heft 2)

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Echinodermata): A Carboniferous homeomorph of the post-Paleozoic
Asteriidae . 357-367
BRAUCKMANN, C.; KOCH, L. & GRÖNING, E.: New evidence for the synonymy
of Dilophaspis and Nahecaris (Phyllocarida; Lower Devonian; Rhenish
Massif) . 215-222
DIEDRICH, C.: Die Wirbeltierfährtenfundstelle Borgholzhausen
(Teutoburger Wald, NW-Deutschland) aus der Oolith-Zone (Unterer
Muschelkalk, Mitteltrias) 35-56
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(Lower Saxony, Germany) 283 296 ERNST, A. & VOIGT, E.: Zooidal anatomy
in Ordovician and Carboniferous trepostome bryozoans 339-345
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western Argentina 127-148
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palaeobiogeography of the Cambrian genus Hipponicharion (Ostracoda) . 65-74
HAHN, G. & HAHN, R.: Der Bau der Canini bei den Paulchoffatiidae
(Multituberculata; Ober-Jura) 235-249
HAHN, G. & HAHN, R.: Neue Multituberculaten-Zähne aus dem Barremium
(Unter-Kreide) von Galve (Spanien) 257-259
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Massenkalk complex (Bergisches Land, Germany) 317-329
HUNT, A.P.; LUCAS, S.G. & BERMAN, D.S.: Milnererpeton, a replacement
name for the temnospondyl amphibian Milneria 125
KIEL, S. & BANDEL, K.: About some aporrhaid and strombid gastropods
from the Late Cretaceous . 83-97
KRIWET, J.: Anomoeodus pauciseriale n. sp. (Neopterygii,
Pycnodontiformes) from the White Chalk Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of
Sussex, South England . 117-123
KRÖGER, B.: Antipredatory traits of the ammonoid shell Indications
from Jurassic ammonoids with sublethal injuries 223-234
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mitteldeutschen Weißelster-Becken 261-282
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Salmilidae n. fam.) from the Middle Eocene of Messel . 305-316
MARTÍ MUS, M.: The Ordovician cornute Flabellicystis rushtoni
n. gen. n. sp. (Stylophora, Echinodermata) and its phylogenetic
position within the group Cornuta . 99-116
NÜTZEL, A.: The Late Triassic species Cryptaulax? bittneri (Mollusca:
Gastropoda: Procerithiidae) and remarks on early aspects of the
Mesozoic marine revolution 57-63
NÜTZEL, A. & ERWIN, D.H.: Battenizyga, a new early Triassic gastropod
genus with a discussion of the caenogastropod evolution at the
Permian/Triassic boundary . 21-27
Jurassic cyathophorid coral (Scleractinia) from siliciclastic
environments of the Kachchh Basin, western India 347-356
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fossil) based on new material from the type area in Boulonnais,
northern France 331-338
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Grenzbereich Hettangium/Sinemurium von Nordperu . 163-187
YOCHELSON, E. L.: Restudy and reassignment of Dentalium antiquum
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WERNEBURG, R. & STEYER, J.S.: Revision of Cheliderpeton vranyi
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