Palaeontologische Zeitschrift Band 81 Heft 2

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(Palaeontologische Zeitschrift, Band 81 Heft 2)

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Klein, N. & Lieven, U:
Eine Sumpfschildkröte (Bataguridae) aus dem Ober-Miozän der
Niederrheinischen Bucht (NW-Deutschland) 105
Ernst, A.:
A cystoporate bryozoan species from the Zechstein (Late Permian) 113
Yochelson, E.L. †; Mapes, R.H. & Heidelberger, D.:
An enigmatic molluscan fossil from the
Devonian of Germany: scaphopod or cephalopod? 118
Medina, F.A. & Riccardi, A.C.: Tuberosciponoceras: a new dimorphic
ammonoid genus from the Upper Albian of Patagonia, Argentina 123
Weinbaum, J.C. & Hungerbühler, A.: A revision of Poposaurus gracilis
(Archosauria: Suchia) based on two new specimens from the Late Triassic
of the southwestern U.S.A. 131
Campbell, K.S.W. & Barwick, R.E.: The structure and stratigraphy of
Speonesydrion from New South Wales, Australia, and the dentition
of primitive dipnoans 146
Schaumberg, G.; Unwin, D.M. & Brandt, S.: New information on the
anatomy of the Late Permian gliding reptile Coelurosauravus
Rinehart, L.F.; Lucas, S.G. & Hunt, A.P.: Furculae in the Late Triassic
theropod dinosaur Coelophysis bauri 174
Südkamp, W.H.: An atypical fauna in the Lower Devonian Hunsrück
Slate of Germany 181