Palaeontologische Zeitschrift Band 81 Heft 3

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(Palaeontologische Zeitschrift, Band 81 Heft 3)

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Contributions to Molluscan Paleontology - Festschrift for Klaus Bandel
on occasion of this 65th birthday
Nielsen, S.N.: Preface 205
Keupp, H.: Prof. Dr. Klaus Bandel zum 65. Geburtstag 207
Nützel, A.; Fryda, J.; Yancey, T.E. & Anderson, J.R.: Larval shells
of Late Palaeozoic naticopsid gastropods (Neritopsoidea: Neritimorpha)
with a discussion of the early neritimorph evolution 213
Heidelberger, D.: Neue Erkenntnisse zu mikromorphen Gastropoden aus
Sötenich (Givetium, Mittel-Devon) 229
Gründel, J.: Gastropoden aus dem oberen Toarcium/unteren Aalenium
(Jura) von Norddeutschland 238
McLean, J.H. & Kiel, S.: Cretaceous and living Colloniidae of the
redefined subfamily Petropomatinae, with two new genera and one new
species, with notes on opercular evolution in turbinoideans, and the
fossil record of Liotiidae (Vetigastropoda: Turbinoidea) 254
Beu, A.G.: The "Inoceramus limpet" Gigantocapulus problematicus
(NAGAO & OTATUME , 1938) in New Zealand (Late Cretaceous Gastropoda or
Monoplacophora, Gigantocapulidae n. fam.) 267
Bieler, R. & Dockery III, D.T.: Recognition of the Paleocene gastropod
"Solariella" alabamensis (ALDRICH , 1886) as a member of lower
heterobranchs (Mathildidae), with description of Toulminella n. gen.
Nielsen, S.N. & Frassinetti, D.: The Miocene Architectonicidae
(Gastropoda) of Chile 291
Bandel, K.; Sivan, N. & Heller, J.: Melanopsis from Al-Qarn, Jordan
Valley (Gastropoda: Cerithioidea) 304
Kröger, B. & Mapes, R.H.: On the origin of bactritoids (Cephalopoda)
von Boletzky, S.: Origin of the lower jaw in cephalopods: a biting
issue 328
Rogalla, N.S. & Amler, M.R.W.: Statistic approach on taphonomic
phenomena in shells of Glycymeris glycymeris (Bivalvia:
Glycymerididae) and its significance in the fossil record 334
Fortunato, H.:Naticid gastropod predation in the Gatun Formation
(late Middle Miocene), Panama: preliminary assessment 356