Palaeontologische Zeitschrift Band 82 Heft 3

2008. 100 pages, 21x30cm, 510 g
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(Palaeontologische Zeitschrift, Band 82 Heft 3)

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Mayr, G.: Pumiliornis tessellates MAYR, 1999 revisited - new data on
the osteology and possible phylogenetic affinities of an enigmatic
Middle Eocene bird 247
Senowbari-Daryan, B. & Ridd, M.F.: Two new Triassic sphinctozoan
sponge species from near Kantang, Trang Province, Southern Thailand
Taylor, P.D.; Casadío, S. & Gordon, D.P.: A rare form of frontal
shield development in the new Cheilostome bryozoan genus Uharella from
the Eocene of Antarctica 262
Salamon, M.A.: The Callovian (Middle Jurassic) cronoids from northern
Lithuania 269
Löser, H.: A new solitary coral genus of the suborder Heterocoeniina
(Scleractinia) from the Aptian (Cretaceous) of Spain 279
Maletz, J.: Retiolitid graptolites from the collection of Hermann
JAEGER in the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
(Germany). I. Neogothograptus and Holoretiolites 285
Machado, E.B.; Campos, D. de A. & Kellner, A.W.A.: On a theropod
scapula (Upper Cretaceous) from the Marília Formation, Bauru Group,
Brazil 308
Carlsson, A. & Blom, H.: A new scolenaspidid (Osteostraci, Vertebrata)
from the Lower Devonian of Podolia, Ukraine 314
Croitor, R.; Bonifay, M-F. & Brugal, J.-P.: Systematic revision of the
endemic deer Haploidoceros n.gen. mediterraneus (BONIFAY, 1967)
(Mammalia, Cervidae) from the Middle Pleistocene of Southern France