30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology, Montreal, Canada, August 12-18, 2007


Ed.: Jack Jones; Red.: Janice Faaborg

2008. 163 pages, figures and tables, 21x28cm, 580 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 3)

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Filippi, M.L., N. Angeli, L. Marziali, A.H.I. Matouk, E. Bertuzzi,
V. Lencioni and M. Cantonati: Paleolimnological techniques applied to
springs habitats: Challenges and limits as highlighted by the CRENODAT
project (southeastern Alps, Italy) 329
Kibichii, S., W.A. Shivoga, M. Muchiri, E. Enanga and S.N. Miller:
Seasonality in water quality and its influence on the abundance and
distribution of phytoplankton and chironomid larvae in Lake Nakuru,
Kenya 333
MacIntyre, S.: Describing fluxes within lakes using temperature arrays
and surface meteorology 339
Nakayama, T. and M. Watanabe: Modelling the hydrologic cycle in a
shallow eutrophic lake 345
Lopez, R.D., M.S. Nash, D.T. Heggem and D.W. Ebert: Using landscape
metrics as indicators of surface water nutrient parameters in the
Ozark Mountains, USA 349
Nilsson, L. and N.G.A. Ekelund: Effects of estrogenic substances on
the movement of Euglena gracilis 357
Wurtsbaugh, W.A. and M.A. Baker: Lake landscapes buffer nutrient flux
and algal production in mountain watersheds (Abstract) 360
Zhu, G., F. Wang, Y. Zhang, G. Gao and B. Qin: Hypoxia and its
environmental influences in large, shallow, and eutrophic Lake Taihu,
China 361
Patoine, A. and Leavitt, P.R.: Landscape analysis of the role of N2
fixation in satisfying algal demand for nitrogen in eutrophic lakes
Kulbe, T., D.M. Livingstone, P. Guilizzoni and M. Sturm: The use of
long-term, high-frequency, automatic sampling data in a comparative
study of the hypolimnia of two dissimilar Alpine lakes 371
Anne, I., M.L. Fidalgo and M. Søndergaard: Bacterioplankton dynamics
in a series of wastewater stabilization ponds (Portugal) 377
Tsai, J.-W., T.K. Kratz, P.C. Hanson, J.-T. Wu, W.Y.B. Chang,
P.W. Arzberger, B.-S. Lin, F.-P. Lin, H.-M. Chou and C.-Y. Chiu:
Seasonal dynamics of lake metabolism in a sub-tropical alpine lake 381
Tietjen, T.E., A.W. Groeger and D. Woodward: The impact of a plunging
inflow on extracellular enzyme activity in a reservoir ecosystem 386
Rodríguez-González, P.M., J.S. Pereira and M.T. Ferreira: Tree foliar
15N and 13C signatures in Ibero Atlantic forested wetlands 391
Parpala, L., V. Zinevici and L. Florescu: Structural and functional
role of persistent and dominant taxa of the Danube Delta lacustrine
zooplankton 395
Wai, O.W.H., Y.P. Wan and Y.S. Li: A closed-form solution for
resuspension and deposition of sediment at the sediment-water
interface 397
Asaeda, T., M. Yamamuro, K. Siong, L. Rajapakse and B. Sanderson:
Nutrient sources for charophytes and Najas marina in Myall Lake,
Australia, indicated by carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios 401
Vilbaste, S., A. Kõrs, T. Feldmann, K. Käiro, P. Pall, K. Piirsoo,
T. Trei, A. Tuvikene and M. Viik: Macrophytes in relation to
ecological factors in a lowland river in Estonia 406
Pinel-Alloul, B., A. Ghadouani and M. Gélinas: Development and
persistence of deep chlorophyll maxima in oligotrophic lakes over the
summer season 409
Soszka, H., M. Gołub, A. Kolada and D. Cydzik: Chlorophyll a based
assessment of Polish lakes 416
Gophen, M.: Climatological and anthropogenic influence on biodiversity
in Lake Kinneret (Israel) 419
Maassen, S. and Balla, D.: Impact of hydrodynamics (ex- and infiltration) on microbial activities and chemical
composition of running water sediments of a wetland (Germany, State of Brandenburg) 424
Cremona, F., D. Planas and M. Lucotte: Variability of carbon stable
isotope signatures of littoral macroinvertebrates in a fluvial lake
Allott, N., E. Jennings and A. Duffy: Rainfall distribution in a
catchment in Southwest Ireland: implications for catchment modeling
Triska, F.J., J.H. Duff, A.P. Jackman and R.J. Avanzino: Nutrient
chemistry, transformation and release in riparian groundwater seep
discharge during the final meter of subsurface transport, Minnesota,
USA 435
Nykänen, M., K. Vakkilainen and T. Kairesalo: Rotifer resting eggs in
the sediment indicate trophic changes in Lake Vesijärvi 441
Indermuehle, N., B. Oertli, J. Biggs, R. Céréghino, P. Grillas,
A. Hull, P. Nicolet and O. Scher: Pond conservation in Europe: the
European Pond Conservation Network (EPCN) 446
Livingstone, D.M. and R.E. Hari: Coherence in the response of river
and lake temperatures in Switzerland to short-term climatic
fluctuations in summer 449
Langerwisch, F., S. Rost, B. Poulter, H. Zimmermann-Timm and
W. Cramer: Assessing carbon dynamics in Amazonia with the Dynamic
Global Vegetation Model LPJmL – discharge evaluation 455
Ivanikova, N.V., A.R. Matteson, C.J. Gobler, L.C. Popels, M.L. McKay,
S.W. Wilhelm and G.S. Bullerjahn: Picoplanktonic cyanobacteria in
Lakes Superior and Erie: phylogenies of endemic populations and
cultured isolates 459
Leeben, A., A. Heinsalu and T. Alliksaar: Sediment pore-water
proteinaceous matter – a proxy of lake palaeoproductivity? 466
Suzuki, T., Y. Sugiyama, C. Wada, T. Kumagai, S. Nagao, T. Katano,
S. Nakano, O. Mitamura, Y. Matsuura, V.V. Drucker, V.A. Fialkov and
M. Sugiyama: Role of allochthonous organic matter in Lake Baikal
investigated using a 3-dimensional fluorescence excitation-emission
matrix spectroscopy and high performance liquid chromatography-mass
spectrometry 469
Duigan, C., W. Kovach and M. Palmer: Aquatic macrophyte
classification, distribution, and traits in British lakes 477
Rosset, V., B. Oertli, S. Angélibert and N. Indermuehle: Local
diversity of macroinvertebrates in alpine ponds as an indicator of
global change: a Gastropod case-study 482 Dietz, S., A. Seebach,
K.D. Jöhnk, B. Boehrer, K. Knöller and D. Lessmann: Meromixis in
mining lake Waldsee, Germany: hydrological and geochemical aspects of
stratification 485
Becerra Jurado, G., R. Matson, R. Harrington, J.R. Baars &
M. Kelly-Quinn: Macroinvertebrate diversity in constructed ponds:
community structure and driving environmental factors 489