Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Anthropologie

approx. 3 nos./year = 1 Vol.

Hrsg.: Hrsg. v. Hans Jürgens

1998. 310 g
Language: Deutsch

(Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Anthropologie, Band 82 Heft 1)

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Helmuth, H.: Body height, body mass and surface area of the
Neandertals. With 3 figures and 8 tables in the text 1-12

Kustár, A.: Facial Reconstructions On the Vörs-Papkert B Cemetery
Series. With 23 figures and 4 tables in the text 13-45
Cameron, D. W.: Patterns of Faciodental Sexual Dimorphism in
Hispanopithecus. With 1 figure and 4 tables in the text 47-58
Jaeger, U., Zellner, K., Kromeyer-Hauschild, K., Finke, L. &
Bruchhaus, H.: Werden Kopfmaße von Umweltfaktoren beeinflußt? Mit 5
Tabellen im Text 59-66
Matano, S. & Nakano, Y.: Size comparison of the male and female human
corpus callosum from autopsy samples. With 1 figure and 3 tables in
the text 67-73
Lewandowski, J.: Formation of morphological traits of the quadriceps femoris
muscle (QFM) before and after birth. Part IV. Vastus intermedias muscle
(VIM). With 3 figures and 3 tables in the text 75-86
Liu, K., Shinoda, K., Akiyoshi, T. & Watanabe, H.: Longitudinal
Analysis of Adolescent Growth of Foot Length and Stature of Children
Living in Ogi Area of Japan: A 12 Years Data. With 5 figures and 7
tables in the text 87-101
Verma, S.S., Sharma, Y.K. & Kishore, N.: Prediction of maximal aerobic
power in healthy Indian males 21-58 years of age. With 2 figures and 6
tables in the text 103-110
Referate 111-114