Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften (ZDGG) Band 151 Heft 1-2

2000. 206 pages, 450 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften (ZDGG), Band 151 Heft 1-2)

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DE MULDER, E.F.J., LAUFFER, S. & DE VRTES, W.J.: Quaternary geology in
urban areas: examples from the Netherlands. (2 figs.) 1
DE GANS, W. & WASSING, B.B.T.: Geology and related geotechnical
aspects of the underground of Amsterdam. (6 figs., 3 tabs.) 9
HIGUCHI, S.: Traffic-induced vibration of a Holocene lowland and a
Pleistocene upland. (11 figs.) 21
MENG, X., DERBYSHIRE, E. & DU, Y.: Landslide hazards in the eastern
part of Gansu Province, China. (11 figs., 1 tab.) 31
ROMAN, S.: The glaciofluvial formation of Viinivaara as a water supply
source for the city of Oulu in Northern Finland. (8 figs.) 49
MONECKE, K., WINSEMANN, J. & HANISCH, J.: Facies architecture of Late
Quaternary alluvial terraces, Upper Kali Gandaki Valley (West Nepal).
(7 figs.) 59
SLIWKA, P. & KOLFEN, H.-R: Quantification and monetary valuation of
environmental impacts - a case study of a bauxite mine. (9 figs., 3
tabs.) 81
breccias and grass-like crystal layers on the top of the Main
Anhydrite (Zechstein 3) of the Gorleben salt dome. (12 figs., 3 pts.) 99
GANSSLOSER, M.: Heavy mineral analyses of Rhenohercynian graywackes -
a contribution to the interpretation of the source areas. (13 figs., 3
tabs., 1 pt.) 127
WREDE, V.: Structure and thickness of the "Flazleere" (Namurian A-C)
in the area of Hasslinghausen (southern Ruhr-Carboniferous). (5 figs.) 171
ZEH, A. & BRATZ, H.: Geochronological and morphological investigations
of zircons from granite porphyry dikes. rhyolithes and granite pebbles
from the northwestern Thuringian forest. (4 figs., 4 tabs.) 187