Originalbeiträge ISPRS - Kommission V - Symposium 25.-27.9.2006 in Dresden

2007. 67 pages, 17x25cm, 230 g
Language: English

(PFG Photogrammetrie, Fernerkundung, Geoinformation, Jahrgang 2007 Heft 3)

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Maas, H.-G. & Schneider, D.: Vorwort 153
Van den Heuvel, F.A., Verwaal, R. & Beers, B.: Automated Calibration
of Fisheye Camera Systems and the Reduction of Chromatic Aberration 157
Mayer, H.: 3D Reconstruction and Visualization of Urban Scenes from
Uncalibrated Wide-Baseline Image Sequences 167
Mulsow, C., Schulze, M. & Westfeld, P.: An Optical Triangulation
Method for Height Measurements on Instationary Water Surfaces 177
Wendt, A. & Heipke, Ch.: Area-based Orientation of Brightness, Range
and Intensity Images 187
Alshawabkeh, Y., Haala, N. & Fritsch, D.: Registrierung terrestrischer
Bild- und LIDAR-Daten für die Dokumentation von Kulturdenkmälern 197
Hoyer, K.W., Knight, J., Holzner, M., Guala, M. & Kinzelbach, W.:
Simultaneous 3D-Flow Field and Compliant Wall Measurements in an
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Flow using Scanning-PTV 207