Contributions to the Geology and Petrology of Cristalline Complexes. Arbeiten zu Problemen der Geologie und Petrologie von Kristallingebieten

Ed.: A. Dudek; M. Suk

1968. 199 pages, 39 figures, 11 tables, 3 plates, 17x24cm, 490 g
Language: English

(Krystalinikum, Volume 6)

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Krupicka, J.: The contact zone in the north of the Moldanubian Pluton 7
Khoury, S. G.: The structural geometry and geological history of the
Lewisian rocks between Kylesku and Geisgeil, Sutherland, Scotland 41
Urvor, V.: The main principles of the pre-platform geological
development of the Bohemian Massif 79
Fediuk, F. & Misar, Z.: Position and preferred orientation of
andalusite crystals during the metamorphism 93
Jencek, V. & Vajner, V.: Stratigraphy and relations of the groups in
the Bohemian part of the Moldanubicum 105
Zwart, H. J.: The Paleozoic crystalline rocks of the Pyrenees in their
structural setting 125
Chab, J. & Pelc, Z.: Lithology of Upper Proterozoic in the NW limb of
the Barrandian area 141
Palivcova, M. & Stovickova, N.: Volcanism and plutonism of the
Bohemian Massif from the aspect of its segmented structure 169