Contributions to the Geology and Petrology of Crystalline Complexes. Arbeiten zu Problemen der Geologie und Petrologie von Kristallingebieten

Eds.: Dudek, A., Suk, M.

1971. 166 pages, 47 figures, 4 tables, 1 plate, 17x24cm, 500 g
Language: English

(Krystalinikum, Volume 8)

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Fiala F.: The Upper Proterozoic and Lower Paleozoic geosynclinal
volcanisms of the Barrandian area and the Železné hory Mts. 7
Hanuš V.‚ Palivcová M.: Presence and significance of amygdules in
hornblende gabbros 27
Waldhausrová J.: The chemistry of the Cambrian volcanics in the
Barrandian area 45
Losert J .: Postgranulitic cordierite + calcite + pyrite formation in
some granulite rocks of the Norwegian Lapland 77
Misař Z.: Some occurrences of chloritoid-bearing rocks and their
significance in the Broken Hilldistrict.‚ N.S.W., Australia 109
Naganna C.: Alkali-amphiboles from syenites of Idamakallu-Racherla,
Andhra Pradesh, India 133
Štemprok M.: Intra-mineralization granitic dykes in the Krušné hory
metallogenic province 141
Beneš K.: Flow and fracture fabrics and their relationship in some
granitic bodies of the Bohemian Massif 149