Contributions to the Geology and Petrology of Crystalline Complexes. Arbeiten zu Problemen der Geologie und Petrologie von Kristallingebieten

Eds.: A. Dudek; M. Suk

1975. 122 pages, 39 figures, 15 tables, 17x24cm, 360 g
Language: English

(Krystalinikum, Volume 11)

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BOWES D. R., HOPGOOD A. M.: Framework of the Precambrian crystalline
complex of the Outer Hebrides, Scotland 7
CHAVEZ L.: Contact metamorphism and regional alteration of basic
volcanic rocks in the Santa Gracia area Lambert Quadrangle, Coquimbo
Province, Chile 25
FEDIUKOV; E.: Garnets from neovolcanics in Slovakia 53
GILLEN C.: Structural and metamorphic history of the Lewisian gneiss
around Loch La.xford, Sutherland, Scotland 63
HOVORKA D.: The Ethology and chemical composition of the metasediments
of the Jaraba Group (West Carpathians) 87
VRANA S.: Magnesian-aluminous rocks, the associated ore mineralisation
and the problem of magnesium-iron metasomatism 101
ZARIDZE G. M.: Formation of granitoids in relation to tectonic
structure 115