Krystalinikum Volume 12

Contributions to the Geology and Petrology of Crystalline Complexes. Arbeiten zu Problemen der Geologie und Petrologie von Kristallingebieten.

Ed.: A. Dudek

1976. 153 pages, 62 figures, 14 tables, 17x24cm, 400 g
Language: English

(Krystalinikum, Volume 12)

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BLÜMEL P, SCHREYER W.: Progressive regional low-pressure metamorphism
in Moldanubian metapelites of the Northern Bavarian Forest, Germany 7
BOWES D. R., MCARTHUR A. C.: Nature and genesis of the appinite suite 31
FIALA F.: The Silurian doleritic diabases and Ultrabasic rocks of the
Barrandien area 47
FIALA J., VEJNAR Z.: Composition of the biotites and the coexisting
biotite-hornblende pairs in granitic rocks of the Central Bohemian
Pluton 79
MATHE G.: Phyllonitization versus feldspathization in the Erzgebirge
Mountains (Saxony) 113
SKVOR V.: Weakened zones and a model of geological development of the
NW part of the Bohemian Massif 129
VRANA S.: High-temperature contact metamorphism and the accompanying
desilication of metagranite.around subvolcanic diorite at Roven valley
near Tisovec, Slovakia 143