Contributions to the Geology and Petrology of Crystalline Complexes. Arbeiten zu Problemen der Geologie und Petrologie von Kristallingebieten

Ed.: A. Dudek; M. Suk

1977. 158 pages, 56 figures, 26 tables, 17x24cm, 400 g
Language: English

(Krystalinikum, Volume 13)

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BOUSKA V., JELINEK E., MESAS Z., PACESOVA, D.: Geochemistry of the
concentric Ransko gabbro-peridotite massif (Czechoslovakia) 7
FEDIUKOV, E.: Chemistry of garnets from granulites of the Holubov bore
hole (South Bohemia) 31
LYON, T. D. B., BOWES D. R.: Rb - Sr, U - Pb and K - Ar isotopic
study of the Lewisian complex between Durness and Loch LaYford,
Scotland 53
NEMEC, D.: Differentiation of lamprophyre magma 73
TORAS, J. R.: Migmatization of the Archean complex south of Bjornesund,
SW Greenland 89
VEJNAR, Z.: Mica peridotites of western Bohemia 115
VEJNAR, Z.: The relationship between the metamorphic grade and
composition of silicates in the West Bohemian greenschists and
amphibolites 129