Krystalinikum Volume 31

Ed.: Brno Moravian Museum

2006. 131 pages, 17x24cm, 330 g
Language: English

(Krystalinikum, Volume 31)

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Activities of the Czech Geological Survey in Central America / P. Hradecký 7-8
Contribution of the N.E.W.S. project supported by the cities of Brno and
Utrecht to the geology of León in Nicaragua / Antonin Prichystal 9
P. Hradecky
Tertiary ignimbrites in Central America: volcanological aspects and
lithostratigraphical correlation proposal 11-24
Z. Novák
El área volcánica de Momotombo (Nicaragua) 25-46
Z. Novák, A. Prichystal
El área volcánica de Telica (Nicaragua) y sus peligros geológicos 47-66
J. Sevcik
Some of mineral resources in Nicaragua 67-74
L. Baratoux, P. Hradecky, V. Kopacková, J. Sebesta
Late Tertiary and Quaternary tectonic evolution of volcanic regions in the
central El Salvador 75-87
D. Nováková
Estudio hidrogeológico del sector Norte de los Departamentos de La Libertad,
San Salvador y Cuscatlán, El Salvador 89-111
F. Fediuk
High-K adakitic volcanics in Cordillera Volcánica, SE Peru 113-121
V. Slivka
Volcanic Caldera of Los Azufres, Source of Alternative Electrical Energy