Sixth Salt Water Intrusion Meeting in Hanover, 1979

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(Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe C, Band C 29)

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PFEIFFER, D.: Wolfgang Richter I
NASS, K.O.: Opening Address to the 6. Salt Water Intrusion Meeting,
Oct. 15, 1979 VII
MEISER, P.: Welcoming Address XI
PART I Regional Aspects of Groundwater Salinization
COTECCHIA, V.: Methodologies adopted and results achieved in the
investigations of seawater intrusion into the aquifer of Apulia
(Southern Italy) 1
TADOLINI, T. & TULIPANO, L.: The evolution of fresh-water/salt-water
equilibrium in connection with withdrawals from the coastal carbonate
and carstic aquifer of the Salentine Peninsula (South Italy) 69
EVANS, D., LLOYD, J.W. & HOWARD, K.W.F.: A study of saline intrusion
and its influence on groundwater management in the Lincolnshire Chalk
(England) 87
RADHAKRISHNA, I.: Saline water encroachment in the coastal aquifers of
Orissa (India) 105
LEBBE, L.C.: A hydrogeological study of the dune area of De Panne
(Belgium) 115
KLEEFELDT, M.: Causes of groundwater salinization in the aquifer of
the Weser River valley (North-West-Germany) 133
PART II Methods and Hydraulic Aspects
VAN DAM, J.C.: The shape of the fresh-water/salt-water interface in a
semi-confined aquifer 149
OBDAM, A.N.M.: Calculation of the salinity process of partially
penetrating wells in a semi-confined aquifer 159
TEN HOORN, W.H.C.: Some calculations concerning the
fresh-water/salt-water interface in the subsoil 177
POMPER, A.B.: A possible explanation of the occurrence of inversions
in the chloride content of groundwater in the Northern Netherlands 205
BIBBY, R.: Misciple displacement in dual porosity media 217
PART III Special Problems
SCHWERDTFEGER, B.: On the occurence of submarine fresh-water
discharges 231
BOEKELMAN, R.H.: Geo-electrical survey in the Polder "Groot Mijdrecht" 241
SENGPIEL, K.-P. & MEISER, P.: Locating the fresh-water/salt-water
interface on the Island of Spiekeroog (Northern Germany) by airborne
electromagnetic resistivity/depth mapping 255