Senckenbergiana lethaea Band 88 Heft 2

2008. 113 pages, 21x30cm, 550 g
Language: English

(Senckenbergiana lethaea, Band 88 Heft 2)

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Lord, A.R.: Editorial
Mayr, G.: The peculiar scapula of the late Eocene Elaphrocnemus phasianus
Miline-Edwards, 1982 (Aves, Cariamae) 195
Wilson, B.: Distributions of ostracod (Crustacea) biofacies on the continued
shelf off south-east Trinidad, western central Atlantic Ocean, suggest the
location of an offshore, river-induced front within the Orinoco Plume 199
Campbell, K.S.W. & Barwick, R.E.: New alternate explanations of the origin
of the Devonian Dipnoan tooth-plates 213
Kadolsky, D.: Zur Identität und Synonymie der häufigeren "Hydrobien" der
Rüssingen-Formation (Inflata-Schichten) und Wiesbaden-Formation
(Hydrobien-Schichten) (Miozän, Mainzer Becken) (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia:
Rissooidea) 229
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Devonian of Australia 267
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