Senckenbergiana Maritima

Wissenschaftliche Mitteilungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft

Ed.: Steininger,Fritz, F.

1998. 214 pages, 99 figures, 22 tables, 870 g
Language: English

(Senckenbergiana maritima, Band 29 Heft 1/6)

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Welcome address of the Ministry of the Environment of Lower Saxony 5
RICHARDSON, K.: 10 years of Wadden and North Sea protection:
evaluation and perspectives 7
THORWARTH, A.: Protection of the Wadden Sea from the perspective of
the public. 13
KAISER, J. & LUTTER, S.: Do we have the right strategies to combat
eutrophication in the Wadden Sea? A critical review of current
policies. 17
G. R.: Long-term development of biomass of intertidal macrozoobenthos
in different parts of the Wadden Sea. Governed by nutrient loads ? 25
BEUKEMA, J.J., & CADfE, G. C. & DEKKER, R.: How two large-scale
"experiments" illustrate the importance of enrichment and fishery for
the functioning of the Wadden Sea ecosystem 37

KETNER-OOSTRA, R. & VAN DER LOO, H.: Is lichen-rich dry dune grassland
(Violo-Corynethoretum dunense) on the verge of disappearing from the
West-Frisian Islands, through aerial eutrophication? 45

McLAREN, P. & STEYAERT, F. & POWYS, R.: Sediment transport studies in
the tidal basins of the Dutch Waddenzee 53
PFEIFER, D. & BÄUMER, H.-P. & DEKKER, R. & SCHLEIER, U.: Statistical
tools for monitoring benthic communities 63
RIETHMULLER, R. & WITTE, G.: Optical remote sensing of
microphytobenthic biomass: a method to monitor tidal flat erodibility 77
GÄTJE, C.: SWAP - Ecosystem Research in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden
Sea: a synopsis. 89
KAPPENBERG, J. & FANGER, H.-U. & MÜLLER, A.: Currents and suspended
particulate matter in tidal channels of the Sylt-Romo basin. 93
KÖSTER, R. & RICKLEFS, K.: Sediments and suspended matter in the
Sylt-Romo tidal area: A summary of results collected in the
"SWAP"-project 101
ASMUS, H. & ASMUS, R.: The role of macrobenthic communities for the
material exchange of the Sylt Romo tidal basin 111
RETSE, K.: Coastal change in a tidal backbarrier basin of the northern
Wadden Sea: are tidal flats fading away? 121
ZÜHLKE, R. & BLOME, D. & VAN BERNEM, K. H. & DITTMANN, S.: Effects of
the tube bnilding polychaete Lanice conchilega (PALLAS) on benthic
macrofauna and nematodes in an intertidal sandflat. 131

SMIT, C.J. & DANKERS, N. & ENS, B.J. & MEIJBOOM, A.: Birds, mussels,
cockles and shellfish fishery in the Dutch Wadden Sea: how to deal
with low food stocks for eiders and oystercatchers? 141

WALTER, U. & BECKER, P. H.: Influence of physical factors and fishing
activity on the occurrence of seabirds scavenging around shrimpers in
the Wadden Sea 155

CANSFIELD-SMITH, T.: The 25 year strategic plan for the Great Barrier
ReefWorld Heritage Area: a model for strategic planning in the Wadden
Sea Area? 165
KAISER, M.: The significance of ecosystem research in the Wadden Sea
for monitoring and management. 173
HÖPNER, TH. & KELLNER, I.: Ecological Ouality Objectives (EQOs) of the
Wadden Sea are interlinked and hierarchically interdependent 177
STOCK, M.: Draft management plan for the Wadden Sea of Schleswig-Holstein 185
TOMSON, C. A.: So many interests, still one goal? 195
VAN DER KNIJFF, E. C.: Regional-economic development and environmental
protection in and around the Dutch part of the Wadden Sea 201
MEIJER, E. W.: Tourism: a matter of common concern. 209
Recommendations of the 9th International Scientific Wadden Sea
Symposium 213