Senckenbergiana maritima Band 37 Heft 2

2007. 61 pages, 21x30cm, 350 g
Language: English

(Senckenbergiana maritima, Band 37 Heft 2)

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Joana F.M.F. Cardoso, Rob Dekker, Johannes Ij. Witte & Henk W. van der Veer:
Is reproductive failure responsible for reduced recruitment of intertidal
Mytilus edulis L. in the western Dutch Wadden Sea? 83
Dorothea Frieling & Johann Mrazek: Sind Manganknollen Tiefwasser-Onkoide? 93
Gisela Gerdes & Thomas Klenke: States of biogenic bedding as records of the
interplay of ecologic time and environment (a case study of modern
siliciclastic sediments, Mellum Island, southern North Sea) 129