Senckenbergiana maritima Band 38 Heft 2

2009. 115 pages, 21x30cm, 550 g
Language: English

(Senckenbergiana maritima, Band 38 Heft 2)

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Martina Karle & Alexander Bartholomä: Salt marsh sediments as natural
resources for dike construction -sediment recycling in clay pits 83
Sandra Vöge, Henning Reiss & Ingrid Kröncke: Macrofauna succession in
an infilling salt marsh clay pit 93
Detlev Metzing & Albrecht Gerlach: Impacts of clay excavation on the
local flora of salt marshes 107
Wiebke Esser, Sandra Vöge & Klaus-Michael Exo: Day-night activity of
intertidal invertebrates and methods to estimate prey accessibility
for shorebirds 115
Manfred Weisensee, Hillrich Smit-Philipp, Janine Tast, Kristina Nebel
& Dennis Marczak: On the Acquisition of Geometric and Semantic Data of
the Kachelotplate by means of Airborne and Terrestrial LIDAR 123
Rolf Niedringhaus & Tammo Lieckweg: First stages of arthropod
colonisation of a sand bank island in the German Wadden Sea 131
Gregor Scheiffarth & Peter H. Becker: Roosting waterbirds at the
Osterems, German Wadden Sea: seasonal and spatial trends studied by
aerial and ground surveys 137
Richard Czeck & Maike Paul: Grey seals - a homecoming species in the
Wadden Sea 143
Gerd Liebezeit: Marine litter on the Kachelotplate, Lower Saxonian
Wadden Sea 147
Gerd Liebezeit, Ralf Wöstmann & Steffen Wolters: Allochthonous organic
matter as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus source on a sandbank island
(Kachelotplate, Lower Saxonian Wadden Sea, Germany) 153
Kirsten Klaassen, Helge Bormann, Thomas Klenke & Gerd Liebezeit: The
impact of hydrodynamics and texture on the infiltration of rain and
marine waters into sand bank island sediments – Aspects of
infiltration and groundwater dynamics 163
Gisela Gerdes & Achim Wehrmann: Biofilms in surface sediments of the
ephemeral sand bank island Kachelotplate (southern North Sea) 173
Achim Wehrmann & Elke Tilch: Sedimentary dynamics of an ephemeral sand
bank island (Kachelotplate, German Wadden Sea): An atlas of
sedimentary structures 185