Sustainable Land Management - Environmental Protection

A Soil Physical Approach

Ed.: Marcello Pagliai; Robert Jones

2002. 588 pages, 218 figures, 107 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-48-7, US-ISBN 1-59326-243-4, 17x24cm, 1390 g
Language: English

(Advances in Geoecology, Volume 35)

ArtNo. ES274003500, bound

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This monograph contains a selection of papers that relate directly to soil conservation and protection. The book is organised into chapters covering: Introductory papers; Soil Structure; Soil Hydrology; Soil Compaction; Soil Erosion; Models, Databases and Maps. The book indicates that there is clearly a need to change soil management to alleviate problems of degradation and it is also emphasized that success will depend on adopting an interdisciplinary approach.

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Chapter I Introductory papers 1
Winfried E.H. Blum
Environmental protection through sustainable soil management -a
holistic approach 1
Daniel Tessier
Progress and perspectives in soil physics 9
Daniele De Wrachien
Sustainable land use: the role of agricultural engineering 19
Robert J.A. Jones
Assessing the vulnerability of soils to degradation 33
Freddy O.F. Nachtergaele, Godert W.J. van Linden and Niels H. Batjes
Soil and terrain databases and their applications with special
reference to physical soil degradation and soil vulnerability to
pollution in central and eastern Europe 45
Chapter II Soil Structure 57
Anthony R. Dexter
Soil structure: the key to soil function 55
Marcello Pagliai and Nadia Vignozzi
The soil pore system as an indicator of soil quality 71
Alfonso Artigao, Jose Fernando Ortega, Jose Maria Tarjuelo and Jose
Arturo de Juan
The impact of irrigation application upon soil physical degradation in
Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)83
Rosa Colucci, Vito Di Bariy Domenico Ventrella, Guiseppe Marrone and
Marcello Mastrorilli
The effect of oil mill effluents on soil aggregation properties 91
Edoardo A.C. Costantini, Sergio Pellegrini, Nadia Vignozzi,
Rossano Ciampalini, Simona Magini and Roberto Barbetti
Using different methods for calibrating field characterisation of soil
hydrological qualities for vine and olive tree zoning 101
Ewa A. Czyz, Anthony R. Dexter and Henryk Terelak
Content of readily-dispersible clay in the arable layer of some Polish soils
Michele Freppaz, Stefano Lunardi, Eleonora Bonifacio, Ricardo Scalenghe
and Ermanno Zanini
Ski slopes and stability of soil aggregates 125
Jerzy Lipiec, Aldo Ferrero, Valter Giovannetti, Artur Nosalewicz and
Marcin Turki
Response of structure to simulated trampling of woodland soil 133
Olga C. Martins, Nadia L. Castanheira, Celia C. Figueiredo and
Franciso L. Santos
Improving Mediterranean soils physical properties by using
anionic Polyacrylamide in the irrigation water 141
Daniela Raducu, Nadia Vignozzi, Marcello Pagliai and Gheorghe Pectu
Soil structure of tilled horizons influenced by management practices
and implement geometry 149
Neil J. Southorn
The soil structure component of soil quality under alternate grazing management strategies 163
Chapter III Soil Hydrology 171
Marnik Vanclooster, Mathieu Javaux, François Hupet, Sébastien Lambot,
Aicha Rochdi, Juan David Pineros-Garcet and Charles L. Bielders
Effective approaches for modelling chemical transport in soils
supporting soil management at the large scale 171
Elena Bresci
Water interception capacity of forest litter 185
Luciana Gomes Castro, Paulo Leonel Libardi and Quirin de Jong van Lier
Soil water dynamics in a Brazilian infiltration terrace under
different management practices 191
Antonio Coppola and Mario Palladino
Transport properties in soils related to local-scale heterogeneities:
theoretical considerations and applications 199
Caroline Coutadeur, Yves Coquet and Jean Roger-Estrade
A compartmental approach for assessing the spatial variability of the
hydraulic conductivity within ploughed soils 211
José Carlos Fontes, Maria da Conceiçâo Gonçalves and Luis Santos Pereira
Soil hydraulic properties of volcanic soils of Terceira, Azores 219
Jailani Husain, Horst H. Gerke and Reinhard F. Huttl
Infiltration measurements for determining effects of land use change on
soil hydraulic properties in Indonesia 227
Miroslav Kutilek
Infiltration through crust topped soils: Henry’s effect 237
Ana Claudia Rodriguez de Lima, Eloy Antonio Pauletto, Paul Leonel
Libardi, Algenor da Silva Gomes and Luis Fernando Spinelli Pinto
Hydraulic characterization of a lowland soil under long-term
management systems 247
Budi I. Setiawan, Yohei Sato, Satyanto K. Saptomo and Edward Saleh
Development of water control for tropical wetland agriculture 259
Paolo Spugnoli, Edoardo Soverini and Telmo C. Palancar
Effects of irrigation with brackish water on soil trafficability
and workability 267
Domenico Ventrella, Annamaria Castrignano, Michele Maiorana,
Nicola Losavio, Alessandro V. Vonella and Francesco Fornaro
Irrigation with brackish water: effects on soil strength of a
fine-textured soil 279
Chapter IV Soil Compaction 291
Jan J.H. van den Akker
Determination of the susceptibility of subsoils to compaction and ways
to prevent subsoil compaction 291
Rainer Horn
Soil mechanical properties and processes in structured unsaturated
soils under various landuse and management systems 305
Laura Alakukku, Jukka Ahokas and Antii Ristolainen
Response of clay soil macroporosity to stress caused by tracked
tractors 319
Johan Arvidsson, Andreas Trautner and Thomas Keller
Influence of tyre inflation pressure on stress and displacement in
the subsoil 331
Pierluigi Febo and Domenico Pessina
The ground pressure exerted by agricultural machines 339
Aldo Ferrero, Jerzy Lipiec, Loredana Sudiro and Artur Nosalewicz
Effects of increasing compaction levels on the efficiency of nitrogen
topdressing of grasses 351
Heiner Fleige, Rainer Horn and Florian Stange
Soil mechanical parameters derived from the CA-database ‘subsoil
compaction’ 359
Mika Heinonen, Laura Alakukku and Erkki Aura
Effects of reduced tillage and light tractor traffic on the growth and
yield of oats (Avena sativa) 367
Beata Houskova
Assessment of the state of soil compaction in Slovakia 379
Antonio Paz Gonzalez
Influence of long-term cultivation on soil physical properties and
compaction of an Umbric horizon 387
Alvaro Pires da Silva, Silvia Imhoffand Moacyr Corsi
Soil compaction versus cow-stocking rates on an irrigated grazing
system 397
Joerg Vossbrink, Rainer Horn, Stefan Becker and Petra Koester
Influence of different harvesting methods in the Black Forest on the
habitat ecology from a soil physical point of view 407
Peter Weisskopf and Michael Gysi
Effects of heavy harvesting machines on soil structure
Chapter V Soil Erosion 429
Paolo Bazzoffi
Impact of human activities on soil loss. Direct and indirect
evaluation 429
Rosa Marchetti
Surface and subsurface runoff from a silty-clay soil of the lower Po
Valley 443
Frank Nahrwold, Rainer Horn, Stefan Becker, Gerhard Schmidt and Ludwig Rostek
Investigations on the stabilisation of slopes and lowering soil
erosion by surface treatment with the ‘Schmidt-Rekultivator’ 453
Rossella Papini, Paolo Bazzoffi and Sergio Pellegrini
Effect of land use systems on erosion and nutrient loss in the
Mediterranean 459
Pier Paolo Roggero and Marco Toderi
Impact of cropping systems on soil erosion in the clay hills of
central Italy 471
Tommaso Simonato, Gian Battista Bischetti and Giovanni B. Crosta
Evaluating soil erosion with RUSLE and WEPP in an alpine
environment (Dorena Valley - Central Alps, Italy) 481
Chapter VI Models, Databases and Maps 495
Andrei Canarache and Catalin Simota
Databases and simulation modelling in compaction and erosion studies 495
Thomas Baumgartl
Prediction of tensile stresses and volume change with hydraulic models 507
Bekele Debele and William L. Magette
Modelling rainfall erosivity: the case for Ethiopia 515
Pauline Défossez, Guy Richard, Hubert Boizard and Mike O'Sullivan
Influence of soil water content profile on compaction 525
Elvira Diaz-Pereira, Nadja Prange, Miguel Fernandez,
Diego De la Rosa and Felix Moreno
Predicting soil water erosion using the ImpelERO model and a mapped
reference area in the Sevilla province (Spain) 533
José Carlos Fontes, Luis Santos Pereira and Roger E. Smith
Runoff and erosion in volcanic soils: testing deterministic and
semi-empirical modelling 543
Sandro Moretti and Roberto Spicchi
Evaluation of land use and sustainability in a Mediterranean area
using a hydrological erosion model: an example from central Italy 553
Giovanni Pecenik, Roberto Pastres, Serena Rossi, Claudio Bini and
Giovanni Maria Zuppi
Modelling tensiometric profiles in a vineyard in the Bardolino area
(Verona, Italy) 563
Svetla Rousseva
A model approach for estimating the influence of compacted
subsurface layer on soil erosion 573
Massimo Spadoni and Letizia Venuti
Pedological information management for the European project of
soil cartography at 1: 250000 scale 581