Raoul C. Mitchell-Thomé:

Geology of the Middle Atlantic Islands

1976. IX, 382 pages, 102 figures, 68 tables, 17x25cm, 1100 g
Language: English

(Beiträge zur regionalen Geologie der Erde, Band 12)

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This work treats of those islands long known before the age of tourism has made many almost household words. Of all the islands spread out across the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, none are so well known to the world at large, none have captivated adventurer, scholar, traveller to the same extent. The motives propelling such people to these islands have differed, yet all who have known them have been unanimous in their enthusiasms, whether for material gain, scholarly acquisition or relaxation, that these Atlantic archipelagoes have an attraction, from many points of view, which can scarce be met anywhere else in the world. Travel brochures should rightly be scanned with a jaundiced eye, but as regards natural attractions, of climate, seascape and landscape, for once such blurbs come very near the truth.

Since the publications of Gagel in 1910 and von Wolff in 1931, no book has appeared treating of the geology of these Middle Atlantic islands. In the past 45 odd years, a great amount,of new knowledge has come into our hands, as perusal of the bibliography will show. Further, the pace of geological and geophysical interest is quickening, at this time several projects are under way by institutions and scientific groups, the tempo of new publications increases. It is with the intention of providing an appreciation of geological studies ranging over a period of 170 years," condensing into the limits of a convenient-sized volume, that the writing of this book has been undertaken.

As these are all volcanic islands, the importance of the volcanics and all aspects of such must obviously take a prominent place in what follows. But because the petrography, petrochemistry, petrogenesis of igneous rocks looms so large in the literature, the writer intentionally has tried to give a fair coverage of other geological considerations, in order to present a more balanced account. Slowly a start is being made in geophysical and geochronological studies, the new global tectonic approach no less is paying attention to the general region, though at times, some schemes proposed often seem rather akin to special pleadings.

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Chapter 1
Introduction 1
Acknowledgements 3

Chapter 2: The Geography of Macaronesia
Macaronesia 5
The Azores Archipelago8
The Madeira Archipelago 18
The Selvagens Archipelago 22
The Canaries Archipelago 24
The Cape Verde Archipelago 32
Chapter 3: The Geology of Macaronesia 40
General 40
Geomorphology 41
Igneous Rocks 42
Sedimentary Rocks 45
Stratigraphy 47
Palaeontology 50
Vulcanicity and Seismicity of Historic Times 51
Structure-Tectonics 53
Economic Geology 55
Geologic Evolution 56
Chapter 4: Geology of the Azores Archipelago 60
General 60
Geomorphology 61
Igneous Rocks 71
Sedimentary Rocks 83
Stratigraphy 88
Palaeontology 88
Historic Vulcanicity 91
Seismicity 95
Geophysical Aspects 96
Structure-Tectonics 100
Economic Geology 104
Geological Evolution 106
Chapter 5: Geology of the Madeira Archipelago 109
General 109
Geomorphology 110
Igneous Rocks 113
Sedimentary Rocks 127
Stratigraphy 133
Palaeontology 133
Geophysical Aspects 136
Structure-Tectonics 138
Geologic Evolution 140
Chapter 6: Geology of the Selvagens Archipelago 143
General 143
Igneous Rocks 144
Sedimentary Rocks 150
Palaeontology 150
Stratigraphy 151
Economic Geology 151
Geological Evolution 152
Chapter 7: Geology of the Canary Archipelago 153

General 153
Geomorphology 153
Igneous Rocks 158
Lanzarote 170
Fuerteventura 175
Gran Canaria 178
Tenerife 182
Gomera 187
La Palma 192
Hierro 197
Syntheses 199
Age of the Volcanic Materials 202
Stratigraphic Datings 202
Isotopic Datings 203
Sedimentary Rocks 206
Stratigraphy 215
Palaeontology 221
Historic Vulcanicity 224
Geophysical Aspects 229
Gravity 229
Seismic 231
Palaeomagnetic 233
Structure-Tectonics 235
Economic Geology 242
Geologic Evolution 245
Chapter 8: Geology of the Cape Verde Archipelago 247
General 247
Geomorphology 248
Igneous Rocks 253
Sedimentary Rocks 285
Stratigraphy 292
Palaeontology 297
Sto Antao 298
S Vicente 298
Sta Luzia 298
Razo 298
S Nicolau 298
Sal 300
Boa Vista 300
S Tiago 300
Fogo 301
Brava 301
Maio 302
Vulcanology 303
Geophysical Aspects 306
Structure-Tectonics 32
Economic Geology 315
Geologic Evolution 316

Chapter 9: Caetera desunt 320

Abstract 327
Bibliography 329
Subject Index 357
Fossil and Biologic Index 366

Locality Index 371
Author Index 379