J. Loeb; J. Bertin:

Experimental and Theoretical aspects of induced polarization, Vol. 2

Macroscopic and microscopic theories

Ed.: R.G. Van Nostrand; D.S. Parasnis

1976. XVI, 85 pages, 54 figures, 17x24cm, 490 g
Language: English

(Geoexploration Monographs, Number 7)

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The aim of this monograph is to indicate the state of the art of Induced Polarization (IP) after more than 15 years of commercial use.

The main source of information consists of books and papers in scientific journals, as well as verbal communications made during scientific meetings and symposia, not forgetting our own experience. We have quoted in the bibliography a large number of items; furthermore, we have tried to give a short account of the ideas of some prominent authors. Of course, we could not help expressing our own ideas. Besides indicating the views of others, we had to comment on them and add any materials that we deemed relevant to the subject. An important item is the comparison of theory with experimental evidence. We shall see how much work there is still to be done to correlate them satisfactorily. The book consists of two parts. The second part is dedicated to theory. A physical theory is never a simple revelation; all the known truths we rely on are the result of painstaking collection and systemization of experimental facts.

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"Macroscopic" Theories
Introduction 251
Samples from Literature 253
Tentative Synthesis: Comment on the Use of Laplace Transform; Possibility of a Theory of "Quasi-Steady" Fields 263
A Proposed Macroscopic Theory: IP Dielectric Constant; More Complicated Discharge Curves 266
Spurious Effects: EM Coupling; Self-Potentials, Electrode Polarization; Electrokinetic Effects 280
IP Sounding and Profiling 286

"Microscopic" Theory
Introduction 294
Generalities of Homogeneous Materials 295
Description of a Granular Structure: Spherical Model; Macroscopic Physical Quantities for Small Ore Contents; Effect of R0; 298
Transients in Plane Wave Models (Warburg's Theory [168]) 310
What About "Specific IP"? 311
Remark on Homogeneous vs Heterogeneous Formations 321
Sample and Model Experiments 322
Conclusions 323