"Meteor" Forschungsergebnisse, Reihe A: Allgemeines Physik und Chemie des Meeres

Hrsg.: G. Siedler; W. Hansen; H. Walden

1976. 98 Seiten, 106 Abbildungen, 3 Tabellen, 390 g
Language: Deutsch

(Meteor, Reihe A Heft 17)

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1. The sea surface temperature as detected by airborne radiometer in the
upwelling region off Cap Blanc, NW-Africa by M. Tomczak, Jr. and G. Miosga 1
2. A mesoscale study of coastal upwelling g variability off NW-Africa by G. Shaffer 21
3. Nutrients and oxygen in the upwelling area off NW-Africa by H. Maske 73
4. Evidence of increased turbulent mixing in the coastal jet of the NW-African
upwelling region by K.-H. Keunecke and M. Tomczak, Jr. 88