"Meteor" Forschungsergebnisse, Reihe A: Allgemeines, Physik und Chemie des Meeres

Hrsg.: G. Siedler; W. Hansen; H. Walden

1977. 36 Seiten, 19 Abbildungen, 17 Tabellen, 260 g
Language: Deutsch

(Meteor, Reihe A Heft 19)

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1. Composition and weight per area of pelagic tar collected between Portugal and south
of the Canary Islands by M. Ehrhardt and J. Derenbach 1
2. Th distribution of zinc, cadmium, copper and iron in seawater of the
Iceland-Faroe Ridge area by K. Kremling and H. Petersen 10
3. Fine-structure contamination of internal wave data in the Norwegian Sea
by M. Stein 18
4. 210Pb and 210 Po results from F. S. "Meteor" cruise 32 in the North Atlantic
by M. P. Bacon 23