Hrsg.: G. Siedler; W. Hansen; H. Walden

1980. 185 Seiten, 124 Abbildungen, 43 Tabellen, 670 g
Language: Deutsch

(Meteor, Reihe A Heft 22)

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1. Preface Seite 1
2. First steps in the realization of the Joint North Sea Data
Acquisition Project for 1976 (JONSDAP 76) by W. LENZ, J. RAMSTER &
3. A hydrochemical section Norway-Scotland during March-April
1976 by A. SVAN-SsON Seite 11
4. Residual currents in the North Sea during the INOUT phase of
JONSDAP '76. First results by H. W. RIEPMA Seite 19
5. Recordings of flow through the Pentland Firth using submarine
telephone cables by D. PADDLE Seite 33
6. A new technique for the harmonic analysis of tidal currents and its
application to observations from the English Channel by G. BESSERO
Seite 43
7. Application of numerical models to the computation of the
wind-induced circulation of the North Sea during JONSDAP '76 by
A. M. DAVIES Seite 53
8. A compilation of data on the thermal stratification at the central
station in the northern North Sea during FLEX '76 by K. C. SORTIE &
K. HUBER Seite 69
9. Chemical changes and primary production in the Fladen Ground area
(North Sea) during the first phase of a spring phytoplankton bloom by
G. WEICHART Seite 79
10. Nitrogen and phosphorus in different water layers at the central
station during FLEX '76 by K. EBERLEIN, G. KATTNER, U. BROCKMANN &
K. D. HAMMER Seite 87
11. An attempt to determine fluxes of nitrogen and phosphorus in
special time periods during FLEX 76 by G. KATTNER, K. D. HAMMER,
12. Primary productivity and phytoplankton pigment measurements in the
northern North Sea during FLEX '76 by W. W. C. GIESKES & G. W. KRAAY
Seite 105
13. Zooplankton activity during and after the phytoplankton spring
bloom at the central station in the FLEX box, northern North Sea, with
special reference to the calanoid copepod Calanus finmarchicus (GUNN.)
by H. G. FRANSZ & W. G. VAN ARKEL Seite 113

14. Field study of the diel feeding of a population of Calanus
finmarchicus at the end of a phytoplankton bloom. FLEX '76 22 May-5
June by M. H. DARO Seite 123
15. On the succession of developmental stages of herbivorous
zooplankton in the northern North Sea during FLEX '76. 1. First
statements about the main groups of the zooplankton community by M.
KRAUSE & G. RADACH Seite 133
16. Preliminary simulations of the phytoplankton and phosphate
dynamics during FLEX '76 with a simple two-component model by
G. RADACH Seite 151
17. Ecology of the Thraustochytrids (lower marine fungi) in the Fladen
Ground and other parts of the North Sea. I by A. GAFRTNFR & S. RAGHU
KUMAR Seite 165