"Meteor" Forschungsergebnisse, Reihe C: Geologie und Geophysik

Red.: E. Seibold; H. Closs

1976. 80 pages, 32 figures, 10 tables, 3 plates, 330 g
Language: English

(Meteor, Reihe C Heft 25)

ISBN 978-3-443-19025-5, paperback, price: 42.00 €

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1. Asymmetric distribution fo displaced material in calcareous oozes around
Great Meteor Seamount (North Atlantic) by Ulrich v. Stackelberg, Ulrich v. Rad
and Barbara Zobel 1
2. German Cruises to the Continental Margin of North West AFrica in 1975:
General reports and preliminary results from Valdivia" 10 and "Meteor" 39
by Eugen Seibold an Karl Hinz 47