"Meteor" Forschungsergebnisse, Reihe C: Geologie und Geophysik

Red.: M. Sarnthein; H.-J. Dürbaum

1985. 71 pages, 37 figures, 15 tables, 1 plate, 380 g
Language: English

(Meteor, Reihe C Heft 39)

ISBN 978-3-443-19039-2, paperback, price: 51.00 €

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1. Middle Miocene to Quaternary sediments from the Mediterranean Ridge
(Ionian Sea) and geodynamic implications by W. Hieke, G. Bizon and
C. Müller 1
2. Geotechnical properties of Antarctic deep sea sediments by P. Hollier 23
3. Transfer-function "134/6" -- a new approach to estimate sea-surface
temperatures and salinities of the Eastern North Atlantic from
the planktonic foraminifers in the sediment by U. Pflaumann 37