Küstengeomorphologie / Coastal geomorphology

Mit einem Vorwort von R. J. Russell

Schriftleitung: Karlheinz Kaiser

1968. VII, 199 pages, 50 figures, 9 tables, 17x24cm, 550 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 7)

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RUSSELL, R. J.: Foreword V
ROBINSON, A. H. W.: The use of the sea bed drifter in coastal studies
with particular reference to the Humber (with 1 photo and 8 figures) 1
HAILS, J. R. & J. H. HOYT: Barrier development on submerged coasts:
Problems of sea-level changes from a study of the Atlantic Coastal
Plain of Georgia, U.S.A. and parts of the East Australian Coast (with
7 figures, 6 plates and 3 tables) 24
DIONNE, J.-C.: Morphologie et sédimentologie glacielles, liftoral sud
du Saint-Laurent (avec 1 figure et 16 photos) 56
STANBEY, D. J., G. DRAPEAU & A. E. COK: Submerged terraces on the Nova Scotian
Shelf (with 5 figures) 85
COORAY, P. G.: The geomorphology of part of the north-western coastal plain of
Ceylon (with 7 figures, and 4 plates) 95
SWAN, S. B. St. C.: Coastal classification with reference to the east coast of
Malaya (with 7 figures, 6 photos and 1 table) 114
ALEXANDER, C. S.: The Marine Terraces of the Northeast Coast of Tanganyika
(with 5 figures and 1 table) 133
MAUD, R. R.: Quaternary geomorphology and soil formation in coastal Natal
(with 9 figures, 9 plates and 4 tables) 155