New contributions to slope evolution / Nouveaux développements sur l'évolution des versants

Ed.: P. Macar

1970. 186 pages, 60 figures, 1 plate, 17x24cm, 500 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 9)

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MACAR, P.: Introduction VI
MACAR, P.: Commission pour l'étude de l'évolution des versants de
l'Union Géographique Internationale (U. G. I.): activité de 1952 à
1968 1
BIROT, P.: Etude quantitative des processus érosifs agissant sur les
versants (avec 4 figures et 3 photos) 10
RUDBERG, S.: Recent quantitative work on slope processes in
Scandinavia 44
LEOPOLD, L. B.: Review of studies of hillslopes - U. S. A 57
WILLIAMS, P. J.: Processes of slope formation: recent quantitative
studies in Canada 67
AHNERT, F.: An approach towards a descriptive classification of slopes
(with 8 figures) 71
SCHUMM, S. A., J. B. BIRD & L. STARKEL: Report of work group on
classification of hill slopes (with 1 Table) 85
AHNERT, F.: A comparison of theoretical slope models with slopes in
the field (with 14 figures) 88
WASHBURN, A. L.: Instrumental observations of mass-wasting in an
arctic climate (with 11 figures and 5 tables) 102
PIPPAN, T.: Characteristics of valley sections in a moderate relief
controlled by fluvial erosion (Puerto Rico) compared with such
influenced by both fluvial and glacial erosion (Alpine Flysch Zone and
Bohemian Forest) (with 1 figure) 119
ALEXANDRE, J. & S. ALEXANDRE-PYRE: Les surfaces d'aplanissement d'une
région de savane (Haut Katanga) (avec 2 figures) 127
CORTE, A. E. & L. A. FIGUEROA: Quaternary and present mass wasting
features in Sierra de la Ventana (Argentina) (with 7 figures) 138
TUFESCU, V.: Mudflows in the Flysch Carpathians and Bend
Sub-Carpathians of Romania (with 5 figures) 146
RUDBERG, S.: The sub-Cambrian peneplain in Sweden and its slope
gradient (with 1 figure and 1 table) 157
JOHNSON, A. M. & P. H. RAHN: Mobilization of debris flows (with 9
figures) 168