Geomorphic processes in arid environments = Geomorphologische Prozesse arider Gebiete

Proceedings of the Jerusalem-Elat Symposium. Volume II: Sections 3 to 5

Schriftleitung: A.P. Schick; D.H Yaalon; A. Yair; ; Karlheinz Kaiser

1974. 215 pages, 64 figures, 34 tables, 17x24cm, 540 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 21)

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III. Weathering Processes
GOUDIE, A.: Further experimental investigation of rock weathering by
sale crystallisation and other mechanical processes 1
RAVINA, I. & D. ZASLAVSKY: The electrical double layer as a possible
factor in desert weathering 13
PEEL, R. F.: Insolation weathering: Some measurements of diurnal
temperature changes in exposed rocks in the Tibesti region, central
Sahara 19

YAALON, D. H.: Notes on some geomorphic effects of temperature changes
on desert surfaces 29
HAGEDORN, J.: Note on the occurrence of needle ice phenomena in the
southern Sinai Mountains 35
IV. Fluvial Processes
BEATY, C. B.: Debris flows, alluvial fans, and a revitalized
catastrophism 39
EMMETT, W. W.: Channel aggradation in western United States as
indicated by observetions at Vigil Network sites 52
COOKE, R. U.: The rainfall context of Arroyo initiation in Southern
Arizona 63
FAULKNER, H.: An allometric growth model for competitive gullies 76
SCHICK, A. P.: Formation and obliteration of desert stream terraces -
A conceptual analysis 88

V. Slope Processes YAIR, A. & H. LAVEE: Areal contribution to runoff
on scree slopes in an extreme arid environment: A simulated rainstorm
experiment 106
CAMPBELL, J. A.: Measurements of erosion on badlands surfaces 122
BRYAN, R. B.: A simulated rainfall test for the prediction of soil
erodibility 138
KIRKBY, A. V. T. & M. J. KIRKBY: Surface wash at the semi-arid break
in slope 151
PLOEY, J. DE Mechanical properties of hillslopes and their relation to
Bullying in central semi-arid Tunisia 177
NIR, D. & M. KLEIN: Gully erosion induced by changes in land use in a
semi-arid terrain (Nahal Shiqma, Israel) 191
YAIR, A. & R. GERSON: Mode and rates of escarpment retreat in an
extremely arid environment (Sharm el Sheikh, Southern Sinai Peninsula)
SCHICK, A. P., D. H. YAAEON & A. YAIR: Preface V

Introduction VI
List of Participants VII
Program of Papers VIII
GERSON, R. & M. INBAR: The field study program of the Jerusalem-Elat
Symposium, 1974.
Reviews and summaries of Israeli research projects 1
I. Aeolian Landscapes and Processes
TSOAR, H.: Desert dunes morphology and dynamics, El Arish (Northern
Sinai) 41
MAINGUET, M. & Y CARROT: Air photo study of typology and
interrelations between the texture and structure of dune patterns in
the Fachi-Bilma Erg, Sahara 62
ROOYEN, T. H. VAN & T. DU BURGER: Dispersal and sedimentary
characteristics of sandy soil parent materials in semiarid South
YAAT-ON, D. H. & J. DAN: Accumulation and distribution of
loess-derived deposits in the semi-desert and desert fringe areas of
Israel 91
BUTLER, B. E.: A contribution towards the better specification of
parna and some other aeolian clays in Australia 106
II. Landform Evolution and Dynamics
BURY, W. B.: Playa processes in the volcanic craters of the Sierra
Pinacate, Sonora, Mexico 117
CLARK, D. M., C. W. MITCHELL & J. A. VAREEY: Geomorphic evolution of
sediment filled solution hollows in some arid regions (Northwestern
Sahara) 130
LATTMAN, L. H. & S. K. LAUFFENBURGER: Proposed role of gypsum in the
formation of caliche 140

FANIRAN, A.: Nearest-neighbour analysis of inter-inselberg distance: A
case study of the inselbergs of Southwestern Nigeria 150
MENSCHING, H. G.: Landforms as a dynamic expression of climatic
factors in the Sahara and Sahel - A critical discussion 168
MECKELEIN, W.: Aride Verwitterung in Polargebieten im Vergleich zum
subtropischen Wüstengurtel 178