Quantitative slope models

Ed.: Frank Ahnert

1976. VII, 168 pages, 74 figures, 8 tables, 17x24cm, 440 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 25)

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AHNERT, F.: Introduction V
KIRKBY, M. J.: Deterministic continuous slope models (with 7 figures) 1
ARMSTRONG, A. C.: A three-dimensional simulation of slope forms (with
2 figures) 20
AHNERT, F.: Brief description of a comprehensive three-dimensional
process-response model of landform development (with 14 figures) 29
HIRANO, M.: Mathematical model and the concept of equilibrium in connection
with slope shear ratio (with 12 figures) 50
GOSSMANN, H.: Slope modelling with changing boundary conditions -
effects of climate and Ethology (with 10 figures, 1 photo and 1 table) 72
TÖDTEN, H.: A mathematical model to describe surface erosion caused by
overland flow (with 11 figures) 89
TROFIMOV, A. M. & MOSKOVKTN, V. M.: Some problems of the theory of
moving water along a slope 106
TROFIMOV, A. M. & MOSKOVKTN, V. M.: On the problem of stable profiles
of deluvial slopes 110
LUKE, J. C.: A note on the use of characteristics in slope evolution
models (with 2 figures) 114
MOEYERSONS, J. & J. DEPLOEY: Quantitative data on splash erosion,
simulated on unvegetated slopes (with 3 figures, 2 photos and 2
tables) 120
LEWIS, L. A.: Soil movement in the tropics - a general model (with 3
figures, 3 photos and 4 tables) 132
PARSONS, A.: An example of the application of deductive models to
field measure ments of hillslope form (with 3 figures) 145
SPEIGHT, J. G.: Numerical classification of landform elements from air
photo data (with 7 figures and 1 table) 154