Coasts under stress

Ed.: A.R. Orme; D.B. Prior; Norbert P. Psuty; H.J. Walker

1980. VIII, 261 pages, 89 figures, 27 tables, 17x24cm, 660 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues, Volume 34)

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Preface V
Introduction VII
I. Coastal erosion and slope development
BRUNSDEN, D., & D. K. C. JONES: Relative time scales and formative
events in coastal landslide systems (with 6 figures and 6 photos) 1
NORRMAN, J. O.: Coastal erosion and slope development in Surtsey
Island, Iceland (with 7 figures, 5 photos and 1 table) 20
QUIGLEY, R. M., & L. R. DI NARDO: Cyclic instability modes of eroding
clay bluffs Lake Erie Northshore Bluffs at Port Bruce, Ontario, Canada
(with 5 figures and 1 table) 39
BRYAN, R. B., & A. G. PRICE: Recession of the Scarborough Bluffs,
Ontario, Canada (with 2 figures, 6 photos and 2 tables) 48
PRIOR, D. B., & W. H. RENWICK: Landslide morphology and processes on
some coastal slopes in Denmark and France (with 10 figures, 3 photos
and 1 table) 63
II. Artificial structures and coastal management DAVIS, D. W., &
R. A. DETRO: New Orleans drainage and reclamation - a 200 year problem 87
GREENWOOD, B., & D. G. McGGILLIVRAY: Modelling the impact upon littoral
transport of large structures in the Central Toronto Waterfront, Lake
Ontario, Canada (with 4 figures and 2 photos) 97
ORME, A. R.: Energy-sediment interaction around a groin (with 9
figures and 2 tables) 111
WILLIAMS, A. T., & P. DAVIES: Man as a geological agent: the sea
cliffs of Llantwit Major, Wales, U. K. (with 4 figures and 4 photos) 129
NORDSTROM, K. F., & J. R. ALLEN: Geomorphically compatible solutions
to beach erosion (with 1 figure and 4 tables) 142
CARTER, R. W. G.: Human activities and geomorphic processes: the
example of recreation pressure on the Northern Ireland coast (with 3
figures and 2 photos) 155
CLAYTON, K. M.: Coastal protection along the East Anglian coast,
U.K. (with 3 figures and 1 table) 165
III. Coastal wetlands
GOSSELINK, J. G., & R. H. BAUMANN: Wetland inventories: wetland loss
along the United States coast (with 5 figures and 2 tables) 173
HEERDEN, I. LL. VAN, & H. H. ROBERTS: The Atchafalaya Delta: Rapid
progradation along a traditionally retreating coast (South-Ceneral
Louisiana) (with 7 figures and 4 photos) 188
NEWBY, L. C.: Phosphorus and nitrogen levels of Spartina foliosa and
Salicornia virginica in a disturbed and undisturbed marsh (with 8
figures and 4 tables) 202
GLOOSCHENKO, W. A.: Coastal ecosystems of the James/Hudson Bay area of
Ontario, Canada (with 5 figures) 214
CRAIG, N. J., R. E. TURNER & J. W. DAY: Wetland losses and their
consequences in coastal Louisiana, U.S.A. (with 2 figures and 7
tables) 225
FROOMER, N.: Morphologic changes in some Chesapeake Bay tidal marshes
resulting from accelerated soil erosion (with 8 figures and 2 tables) 242
VANN, J. H.: Shoreline changes in mangrove areas (with 1 photo) 255