Perspectives in Geomorphology

Papers from the First British-German Symposium on Geomorphology, University of Würzburg 24th-29th Sept. 1979

Schriftleitung: Horst Hagedorn; Michael Thomas; ; Detlef Busche

1980. VI, 313 pages, 80 figures, 17 tables, 17x24cm, 550 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues, Volume 36)

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Preface V
BÜDEL, J.: Climatic and Climatomorphic Geomorphology (with 2 figures) 1

BROWN, E. H.: Historical geomorphology - principles and practice (with
1 table) 9
BRUNSDEN, D.: Applicable models of long term landform evolution (with
1 figure and 1 table) 16
DOUGLAS, I.: Climatic geomorphology. Present-day processes and
landform evolution. Problems of interpretation (with 3 figures and 2
tables) 27
JONES, D. K. C.: British applied geomorphology: An appraisal (with 8
figure) 48

PRICE, R. J.: Geomorphological implications of environmental changes
during the last 30,000 years in Central Scotland (with 6 figures) 74
STÄBLEIN, G.: Studies in the periglacial environment: A review of
geomorphodynamic, cryopedological and Quaternary research in Germany
(with 4 figures) 84
HAGEDORN, J.: The montane periglacial zone and its morphological lower
limit 96
BRUNOTTE, E., & K. GARLEFF: Tectonic and climatic factors of landform
development on the northern fringe of the German Hill Country
(Deutsche Mittelgebirge) since the Early Tertiary (with 4 figures) 104
ANDRES, W.: On the paleoclimatic significance of erosion and
deposition in arid regions (with 2 figures) 113
BUSCHE, D., & H. HAGEDORN: Landform development in warm deserts - the
central Saharan example (with 3 photos) 123
THOMAS, M. F., & M. B. THORP: Some aspects of the geomorphological
interpretation of Quaternary alluvial sediments in Sierra Leone (with
9 figures and 1 table) 140

BREMER, H.: Landform development in the humid tropics, German
geomorphological research (with 4 figures) 162
WALSH, R. P. D.: Runoff processes and models in the humid tropics
(with 7 figures and 6 tables) 176
SWEETING, M. M.: Karst and Climate - A review (with 1 figure) 203
BULL, P. A.: The antiquity of caves and dolines in the British Isles
(with 5 figures and 1 table) 217
THORNES, J.: Structural instability and ephemeral channel behaviour
(with 4 figures) 233

WEBB, B. W., & D. E. WALLING: Stream solute studies and
geomorphological research: some examples from the Exe Basin, Devon,
U. K. (with 6 figures and 1 table) 245
STOCKING, M.: Soil loss estimation for rural development; a position
for geomorphology 264
EVANS, I. S.: An integrated system of terrain analysis and slope
mapping (with 8 figures and 2 tables) 274
BARSCH, D., & H. LIEDTKE: Principles, scientific value and praceical
applicability of the geomorphological map of the Federal Republic of
Germany at the scale of 1: 25,000 (GMK 25) and 1 :100,000 (GMK 100)
(with 6 figures and 2 tables) 296