Ed.: Rhodes W. Fairbridge

1981. XII, 226 pages, 93 figures, 10 tables, 17x24cm, 350 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 40)

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Preface V
FAIRBRIDGE, R. W.: The concept of Neotectonics - An introduction VII
LOWRIE, A., S. A. CUREAU & A. SARRIA: Basement faults and uplift in
the Colombian Llanos (with 5 figures) 1
DUTCH, S. I.: Post-Cretaceous vertical motions in the Eastern
Midcontinent, U.S.A. (with 3 figures) 13
DUTCH, S. I.: Isostasy, epeirogeny, and the highland rim of Lake
Superior (with 4 figures and 3 tables) 27
LYKKE-ANDERSEN, H.: Indications of neotectonic features in Denmark
(with 7 figures) 43
MOANER, N.-A., E. LAGEREUND & S. BJÖRCK: Neotectonics in the Province
of Blekinge (with 2 figures) 55
SCHEUCHTER, C.: Remarks on the Pleistocene morphogenetic evolution of
the Swiss Plain 61
DELAUNAY, A.: Mise en evidence d'une phase neotectonique quaternaire
au front des chines subalpines savoyardes (France) (aver 3 figures et
2 photos) 67
BARTOLINI, C. & G. PRANZINI: Plio-Quaternary evolution of the Arno
basin drainage (with 7 figures) 77
GHISETTI, F.: Upper Pliocene-Pleistocene uplift rates as indicators of
neotectonic pattern: an example from southern Calabria (Italy) (with
16 figures) 93
RAFFY, J., B. DUMAS, P. GUEREMY & R. LHENAFF: Uplift and quaternary
marine terraces to the East of Villa San Giovanni (Calabria, Italy)
(with 5 figures) 119
Late Holocene shoreline changes and seismo-tectonic displacements in
western Crete (Greece) (with 17 figures and 4 tables) 127
ZAMANI, A. & H. MAROUKIAN: A morphotectonic investigation in
northwestern Crete: The peninsula of Akrotiri (with 5 figures and 4
photos) 151
PAPANIKOLAOU, D. J., V. SABOT & T. PAPADOPOULOS: Morphotectonics and
seismicity in the Cyclades, Aegean Sea (with 4 figures) 165
WEISROCK, A.: Neotectonic and coastal morphology in the Atlantic Atlas
(Morocco) (with 3 figures) 175
PASKOFF, R. P. & P. SANLAVILLE: Tyrrhenian deposits and neotectonics
at Monastir, Tunisia (with 2 figures and 2 photos) 183
EROL, 0.: Neotectonic and geomorphological evolution of Turkey (with 5
figures and 2 tables) 193
VITA-FTNZI, C. Late Quaternary deformation on the Makran coast of Iran
(with 5 figures, 4 photos and 1 table) 213