Applied geomorphology in the tropics

Ed.: Ian Douglas; Tom Spencer

1982. IV, 128 pages, 23 figures, 29 tables, 17x24cm, 350 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues, Volume 44)

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DOUGLAS, I. & T. SPENCER: Introduction 1
KING, R. B.: Rapid rural appraisal with Landsat imagery: a Tanzanian
expeqrience (with 2 figures, 4 photos and 1 table) 5
CHARTRES, C. J.: The role of geomorphology in land evaluation for
tropical agriculture (with 3 tables) 21
SMITH, B. J.: Effects of climate and land-use change on gully
development: an example from Northern Nigeria (with 6 figures and 6
photos) 33
FROSTECK, LYNNE E. & I. REID: Talluvial processes, mass wasting and
slope evolution in arid environments (with 5 figures, 1 photo and 3
tables) 53
MORGAN, R. P. C., T. HATCH & WAN STAMMAN WAN HARUN: A simple procedure
for assessing soil erosion risk: a case study for Malaysia (with 1
figure and 8 tables) 69
IMESON, A. C. & M. Vers: Factores influencing the credibility of soils
in natural and semi-natural ecosystems at different altitudes in the
Central Cordillera of Colombia (with 3 figures and 6 tables) 91
RICHARDSON, JANE H.: Some implications of tropical forest replacement
in Jamaica (with 2 figures and 7 tables) 107
COOKE, R. U.: The assessment of geomorphological problems in dryland
urban areas (with 3 figures and 1 table) 119