Applied Geomorphology

Ed.: John Gerrard

1984. VIII, 140 pages, 45 figures, 12 tables, 17x24cm, 300 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 51)

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GERRARD, J Introduction V
GUNN, J Applied karst hydrogeomorphology. 3 case studies from Ireland
(with 9 figures and 1 table) 1
HAIGH, M. J Landslide prediction and highway maintenance in the Lesser
Himalaya, India (with 1 figure, 3 photos and 5 tables) 17
HANSEN, A.: Engineering geomorphology: the application of an
evolutionary model of Hong Kong's terrain (with 3 figures and 2
photos) 39
BURT, T. B., M. A. DONOHOE and A. R. VANN: A comparison of suspended
sediment yields from two small upland catchments following open
ditching for forestry drainage (with 6 figures) 51
MCDONALD, A., D. KAY and A. JENKINS, A: An appraisal of the geographical
and geomorphological processes influencing sanitary microbial levels
in upland areas (with 4 figures and 4 tables) 63
MÄCKEL, R. and D. WALTHER: Change of vegetation cover and
morphodynamics - a study in applied geomorphology in the semi-arid
lands of Northern Kenya (with 6 figures and 13 photos) 77
SUTHERLAND, D. G.: Geomorphology and mineral exploration: some
examples from exploration for diamondiferous placer deposits (with 6
figures) 95
GARDNER, C. M. K.: Geomorphology applied in an archaeological context:
A study of hillslope erosion on British earth-work sites (with 6
figures, 5 photos and 2 tables) 109
KALAUGHER, P. G.: Stereoscopic fusion of a photographic image with a
directly observed view: applications to geomorphology (with 2 figures,
3 photos and an appendix with 2 figures) 123