Geomorphology and land management

Ed.: Olav Slaymaker; Dan Balteanu

1986. VII, 190 pages, 79 figures, 43 tables, 17x24cm, 300 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 58)

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A. Runoff Production
BURT, T. P. & D. P. BUTCHER: Development of topographic indices for
use in semi-distributed hillslope runoff models (with 8 figures and 2
tables) 1
AMBROISE, B. & D. VIVILLE: Spatial variability of textural and
hydrodynamic properties in a soil unit of the Ringelbach study
catchment, Vosges (France) (with 10 figures and 1 table) 21
LAVEE, H.: A deterministic simulation model for rainfall-runoff
relationship on arid hillslopes (with 7 figures and 2 tables) 35
MITA, P. & S. CRiNGASU: Runoff modifications in forested areas (with 9
figures and 2 tables) 47
SENCU, V.: Field measurements relating to the subterranean runoff of
karst waters in the Anina Mountains (with 5 figures and 1 table) 59
B. Sediment and Solute Production
PUIGDEFABREGAS, J. & B. ALVERA: Particulate and dissolved matter in
snowmelt runoff from small watersheds (with 4 figures and 3 tables) 69
POESEN, J. Field measurements of splash erosion to validate a splash
transport model (with 4 figures and 5 tables) . . 81
J. ARNAEZ-VADILLO: Pipes in cultivated soils of La Rioja: origin and
evolution (with 3 figures and 2 tables) . . 93
TEODORESCU, V. & N. POPESCU: Evolution of the erosion processes in the
Valea Spanilor hydrographic basin from the Transylvanian Plateau (with
2 figures and 4 tables) 101
IONITA, I.: Results of soil erosion study and conservation treatments
in the Burled Tableland (with 6 figures and 10 tables) . 107
BRYAN, R. B. & I. A. CAMPBELL: Runoff and sediment discharge in a
semiarid ephemeral drainage basin (with 4 photos, 8 figures and 4
tables) . 121 C. Mass Movement
ANDERSON, E. W. & N. J. cox An assessment of soil movement time series
from Brandon, County Durham, U.K. (with 2 figures and 5 tables) 145
LI JIAN & WANG JINGRUNG: The mudflows in Xiaojiang Basin (with 1
photo, 6 figures and 2 tables) 155
SURDEANU, V.: Landslides and their role in reservoir silting (with 2
figures) 165
BALTEANU, D.: The importance of mass movement in the Romanian
Subcarpathians (with 8 photos, 3 figures and 3 tables) 173