Erosion budgets and their hydrologic basis

Ed.: H. Vogt; Olav Slaymaker

1986. VI, 263 pages, 103 figures, 48 tables, 17x24cm, 400 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 60)

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1. Theoretical and experimental design considerations
AHNERT, F.: The magnitude-frequency index - an approach to the
identification of hygric morphoclimates (with 1 table) 1
JONES, J. A. A.: Some limitations to the a/s index predicting
basin-wide patterns of soil water drainage (with 2 figures and 7
tables) 7
ViViLLE, D., B. AMBROISE & B. KOROSEC: Variabilité spatiale des
proprietés texturales et hydrodynamiques des sots dans le Bassin
versart du Ringelbach (Vosges, France) (aver 11 figures et 3 tableaux) 21

DONOGHUE, D.: Review and analysis of slow mass movement mechanisms
with reference to a Weardale catchment, N. England (with 4 figures and
3 tables) 41
SALA, M. & E. ANDERSON: The moulding of the Holy Mountain: denudation
rates on Montserrat (with 4 photos, 6 figures and 1 table) 55
2. Techniques of observation and measurement
AUZET, A.-V., B. AMBROISE & J.-L. MERCTER: Realisation et test d'un
capteur flexible a Auges d'extensometrie pour la mesure des Profils de
reptation et le suivi de leur evolution (aver 5 figures et 2 tableaux) 71
FLAVELL, W. S.: Field investigation of soil movement. A different
approach (with 1 photo, 5 figures and 1 table) . 83
RASHTDIAN, K.: A new technique for field measurement of soil creep
displacement profiles (with 3 figures and 5 tables) 93
FROEHLICH, W.: Influence of the slope gradient and supply area on splash scope
of the problem (with 2 photos and 10 figures) 105

IMESON, A. C.: Investigating volumetric changes in clayey soils
related to subsurface water movement and piping (with 3 photos, 6
figures and 5 tables) 115
3. Sediment and erosion budget measurements programmes
a) Sediment transport and erosion on a slope scale
Quantitative evaluation of some slope processes (surface erosion, mass
movements) in experimental areas with different agro climatic
conditions in central Italy (with 6 figures and 4 tables) 131
GRIL, J. J.: L'erosion hydrique des sols dans le vignoble (aver 5
figures et 4 tableaux) 149

BOWYER-BOWER, T. A. S. & R. B. BRYAN: Rill initiation: Concepts and
experimental evaluation on badfand slopes (with 8 photos, 4 figures
and 1 table) 161
b) Sediment transport and erosion on a catchment scale COSANDEY, C.:
De l'origine de l'écoulement rapide de crue, dans un petit
bassinversant forestier Breton (avec 6 figures et 1 tableau) 177
MIETTON, M.: Ruissellement et erosion sur petit bassin-versants au Burkina Faso
(Resultats preleminaires) (aver 5 figures et 1 tableaux) 177
CLOTET, N. & F. GALEART: Sediment yield in a mountainous basin under high
Mediterranean climate (with 3 figures) 205
CHINEN, T. & H. KADOMURA: Post-eruption sediment budget of a small
catchment on Mt. Usu, Hokkaido (with 10 figures and 1 table) 217
DUYSINGS, J. J. H. M.: The sediment supply by streambank erosion in a
forested catchment (with 4 figures and 1 table) 233
4. Geomorphic case studies
KOTARBA, A.: Soil creep in semi-arid zone of Central Mongolia (with 3
figures and 2 photos) 245
RAPP, A.: Comparative studies of actual and fossil nivation in north
and south Sweden (with 4 photos and 5 figures) 251