Neotectonics and morphotectonics

Ed.: Clifford Embleton

1987. 211 pages, 84 figures, 12 tables, 17x24cm, 600 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 63)

ISBN 978-3-443-21063-2, paperback, price: 65.00 €

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EMBLETON, C.: Neotectonic and morphotectonic research 1
FORT, M.: Sporadic morphogenesis in a continental subduction setting:
An example from the Annapurna Range, Nepal Himalaya (with 7 figures,
13 photos and 1 table) 9
IWATA, S.: Mode and rate of uplift of the central Nepal Himalaya (with
6 figures and 1 photo) 37
HE, H. & K. HE: The planation surface of the Yunnan Plateau and its
neotectonic significance (with 1 figure and 1 table) 51
FARHOUDI, G.: Comparison of landforme resulting from neotectonics in
western and southern Iran 57
KAIHUKA, S.: Quaternary morphogenesis and tectogenesis of Japan (with
9 figures) 61
KULAKOV, A. P.: A new interpretation of the morphostructure of eastern
Asia (with 2 figures) 75
SPENCER, T., D. R. STODDART & C. D. WOODROFFE: Island uplift and
lithospheric flexure: observations and cautions from the South Pacific
(with 2 figures, 1 photo and 6 tables) 87
OZER, A. & A. DEMOULIN: Les indices morphologiques temoins de la
stabilité tectonique de la bordure liftorale du Lazio meridional
(Italic) (avec 6 figures et 4 photos) 103
DUMAS, B., P. GUEREMY, R. LHENAFF & J. RAFFY: Rates of uplift as shown
by raised Quaternary shorelines in Southern Calabria (Italy) (with 9
figures, 4 photos and 3 tables) 119
MAROUKIAN, H. & E. LAGIOS: Neotectonic movements in the Sperkhios River
basin, Central Greece (with 6 figures) 133
SJöBERG, R.: Caves as indicators of neotectonics in Sweden (with 2
figures, 3 photos and 1 table) 141
CARTON, A., F. DRAMIS & M. SORRISO-VALVO: Earthquake landforme:
Observations after recent Italian and Algerian seismic events (with 1
figure and 5 photos) 149
Ai, N., B. LIU & J. ZHOU: Great earthquakes and their geomorphological
effects (with 3 figures) 159
HU, J. & Y. WAN: The origins and classification of earthquake
landforme in the alluvial plains of eastern China (with 2 figures) 167
& F. MANTOVANI): Neotectonic research in applied geomorphological
studies (with 28 figures) 173