Some aspects of current research: Proceedings of the laterite workshop, 1st international geomorphological conference, Manchester, U. K. 1985

Ed.: M.J. MacFarlane

1987. VI, 180 pages, 47 figures, 18 tables, 17x24cm, 510 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 64)

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BOURMAN, R. P., A. R. Mannes & J. M. OADES: Investigations of
ferricretes and related surficial ferruginous materials in parts of
southern and eastern Australia (with 6 figures and Is photos) 1
KRONBERG, B. I. & A. J. MELFI: The geochemical evolution of lateritic
terranes (with 1 figure and 3 tables) 25
LABRECQUE, J. J. & H. SCHORIN: Some statistical parameters for
selected trace elements in VL-1 (with 1 figure and 4 tables) 33
BOWDEN, D. J.: On the composition and fabric of the footslope
laterites (duricrust) of Sierra Leone, West Africa, and their
geomorphological significance (with 8 figures and 4 tables) 39
BUSCHE, D & W. ERBE: Silicate karst landforme of southern Sahara
(north-eastern Niger and southern Lybia) (with 3 figures and 7
photos) 55
McFARLANE, M. J. & C. R. TONDATE: Karstic features associated with
tropical weathering profiles (with 4 figures and 12 photos) 73
O'CONNOR, E. A., P. E. J. PITFIELD & M. LITHERLAND: Landscape and
Landsat over the Eastern Bolivian Shield (with 2 figures, 3 coloured
photos and 2 tables) 97
MOURA, M. L.: The establishment of an international interdisciplinary
collection of reference laterite profiles (with 2 figures, 1 photo) 111
ALEXANDRE, J. & S. AEEXANDRE-PYRE: La reconstitution a l'aide des
cuirasses lateritiques de l'histoire geomorphologique du Haut-Shaba
(aver 2 figures) 119
Tort, D. G., D. W. MIGHT & H. F. SHAW: The role of soil fabric in
determining the engineering behaviour of compacted lateritic and
quartzitic gravels (with 5 figures, 3 photos and 1 table) 133
DEBAVEYE, J. & M. DE DAPPER: Laterite, soil and landferm development
in Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia (with 6 figures and 4 tables) 145
SPÄTH, H.: Landform development and laterites in northwestern
Australia (with 7 figures and 8 photos) 163