Periglacial processes and landforms

(papers of the XII. INQUA Congress Ottawa, Canada, July 31-August 9, 1987)

Ed.: Eduard A. Koster; Hugh M. French

1988. IX, 156 pages, 53 figures, 8 tables, 17x24cm, 430 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 71)

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KOSTER, E. A. & H. M. FRENCH: Introduction: perspectives on
periglacial studies V
HALL, K.: The interconnection of wetting and drying with freeze-thaw:
some new data (with 3 figures) 1
COUTARD, J.-P., B. VAN VLIET-LANOE & A.-V. AuzET: Frost heaving and
frost creep on an experimental slope: results for soil structures and
sorted stripes (with 5 figures and 1 table) 13
SMITH, D. J.: Rates and controls of soil movement on a solifluction
slope in the Mount Rae area, Canadian Rocky Mountains (with 9 figures,
2 photos and 3 tables) 25
STEIJN, H. VAN: Debris flows involved in the development of Pleistocene
stratified slope deposits (with 6 figures and 2 photos) 45
COLTORTI, M. & F. DRAMIS: The significance of stratified slope-waste
deposits in the Quaternary of the Umbria-Marche Apennines, Central
Italy (with 2 figures and 2 photos) 59
MARY, G. M. E.: Some examples of frost shattering and Pleistocene
periglacial slope processes in the province of Maine (France) (with 6
figures) 71
COXON, P.: Remnant periglacial features on the summit of Truskmore,
Counties Sligo and Leitrim, Ireland (with 6 figures, 5 photos and 1
table) 81
WALTERS, J. C.: Observations of sorted patterned ground features, High
Valley/Tangle Lakes region, Central Alaska, U.S.A. (with 3 figures, 5
photos and 2 tables) 93
SEPPÄLÄ, M.: Frozen peat mounds in continuous permafrost, northern
Ungava Quebec, Canada (with 2 figures and 6 photos) 107
DIONNE, J.-C. & D. BRODEUR: Frost weathering and ice action in shore
platform development with particular reference to Quebec, Canada (with
12 photos)
HUISSTEDEN, K. J. VAN & J. VANDENBERGHE: Changing fluvial style of
periglacial lowland rivers during the Weichselian Pleniglacial in the
eastern Netherlands (with 7 figures, 2 photos and 1 table) 131
CLARK, M. J., A. M. GURNELL & J. L. THRELFALL: The implications of
investigative design for the study of fluvial sediment transfer in
arctic and subarctic regions (with 4 figures) 147