Will F. Thompson:

Climate Related Landscapes in World Mountains

Criteria and Map

1990. 92 pages, 61 figures, 1 table, 1 map, 17x24cm, 290 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues, Volume 78)

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I. Introduction 1
Precedents 2
II. Cycles (and Subcycles) of Summit Sculpture 4
III. Possible Quantitative Climatic Criteria 10
Field and Photo Indices of Climate and the Problem of Precipitation
Distribution 11
Thermal Timberlines as a Climatological Reference Level 14
Annual Temperature Range as a Regional Characteristic 15
Relative Levels of Permafrost and Timberline 17
Permafrost Levels in Maritime and Continental Mountains 20
IV. Frost Rigor and Processes: Relevant Criteria 21
Glattbangen and Steilbangen, Graded and Ungraded Slopes,
and Associated Forms and Patterns: Three Dichotomies 23
Other Alpine Criteria: Alp Slopes and Summit Accordances 25
V. Classes of Climatic Landscape Region in Mountains 31
(A) Polar Mountains 31
A1. Icecapped Polar Mountains 31
A2. Polar Mountains with Scant Precipitation 33
(SO) Mountainous Subarctic Oceanic Islands and Peninsulas 35
(M) Winter Moist Maritime Mountains 36
M1. Subarctic Fjord Coasts 38
M2. Middle Latitude Maritime Mountains 38
M3. Climatically Mediterranean Mountains 41
(IA) Interior Alpine Mountains 44
IA1. Subarctic Interior Alpine Mountains 52
IA2. Middle Latitude Interior Alpine Mountains 52
(E) East Coast Extra-Tropical Mountains 52
E1. East Coast Mountains from Subalpine to Upper Middle
Latitudes 54
E2. East Coast Mountains from Middle to Subtropical
Latitudes 57
(D) Desert and Subarctic Dry Interior Mountains 59
D1. Subarctic Dry Interior Mountains 62
D2. Middle Latitude Dry Interior Mountains G2
D3. Tropical Desert Mountains 67
(T) Humid Tropical and Equatorial Mountains 68
T1 and T2 regions 69
VI. Conclusion 70
Bibliography 71
Captions 82